Case Results

We work tirelessly to help our clients get the compensation they need to start on the path toward healing. Although financial reward will never make up for pain and suffering caused by injuries or the loss of a loved one, it is a useful aid in the healing process that may allow you or family members to work toward a brighter future.

Below is a small representation of some of our recent case results and compensations.

Car Accident Case Results

$1.25 Million for a senior couple injured in an automobile accident by a drunk driver.

$215,000 for a mother of three injured in a car accident.

$100,000 for a 60-year-old woman injured by a man running a red light.

$115,000 for a 19-year-old involved in a serious car accident.

$70,000 for a 56-year-old man rear-ended at high speed.

$75,000 for a car accident victim who had nearly $20,000 in medical bills.

$130,000 for victim who suffered knee injury in car accident.

$40,000 for victim in car accident with disputed fault.

$150,000 for victim in car accident with disputed fault and $40,000 in medical costs.

$140,000 for elderly client who sustained soft tissue injuries in car accident.

$68,000 for rear-end accident resulting in soft tissue back injury.

$182,000 for family injured when hit by another driver on the freeway.

$150,000 for client who suffered cardiac contusion.

$125,000 for client who developed cyst due to car accident injuries.

$265,000 for client who suffered multiple serious injuries due to car accident.

$70,000 for client who suffered hand injury due to car accident.

$95,000 for client who suffered shoulder injury due to accident.

Other Injury and Accident Case Results

$300,000 for a 74-year-old retired farmer who developed decubitus ulcers (bed sores).

$150,000 for an 85-year-old woman who suffered a closed fracture sacrum; insurance company wouldn’t settle.

$100,000 for a 34-year-old man injured while working.

$55,000 for a 52-year-old man injured when tased by an off-duty police officer.

$50,000 for a child injured by another child at school.

$95,000 for client who suffered injury when a gym’s shower chair broke.

$77,000 for a slip and fall injury sustained at a hotel.

$56,000 for a product liability case in which the victim received burns from a laser machine.

$81,000 for client who injured clavicle in a motorcycle accident.

$200,000 for a fractured ankle injury caused when commercial driver was under the influence.

$1 million for the wrongful death of client caused by negligent driver on the freeway.

$1.2 million in the wrongful death of a child caused by negligent driving.

$25,000 for client who fell off curb while at shopping center.

$215,000 for client who was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and sustained permanent scarring.

$300,000 for a bed wound developed on the sacrum while client was hospitalized.


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