Practice Areas

A full suite of legal services.

JacksonWhite offers a full range of legal services to assist individuals, families and businesses in achieving success in a wide range of legal matters. We are pleased to offer our services in the following practice areas.


Our attorneys helps individuals make financial and medical preparations for the Arizona Long-Term Care System.

Criminal Defense

Our defense attorneys will represent your interests and provide the best possible counsel for your case.

Eminent Domain

Our attorneys understand the burden and disruption of losing your property.

Employment Law

Our employment attorneys are here to help anyone who believes their employment rights have been violated.

Estate Planning

Our attorneys devote as much care to preserving and maximizing wealth as our clients have spent building it.

Family Law

Our attorneys helps individuals navigate challenging issues for couples and families.


We ensure your family members are protected from physical or financial harm when they’re unable to manage decisions.

Personal Injury

We have successfully represented clients in litigation matters involving car accidents, dog attacks and more. 

Small Business

We provide effective counsel on the business, employment, real estate, and tax matters that arise during the natural life cycle of a small business.

  • Small business formation
  • Litigation and agreements
  • Business dissolutions