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Arbitration is a dispute resolution method in which the arbitrator has the authority to hand down decisions. This means that the parties are bound by the decision made by the arbitrator, just as though a judge has made the ruling.

Arbitrator’s decisions can only be contested under certain circumstances. Entering arbitration can be voluntary or compulsory (court ordered), and is used as a replacement for a trial.

Choosing an arbitrator is crucial because they have the power to decide the outcome of your dispute. An arbitrator is not required to be a legal professional, but is highly recommended for their existing knowledge of the law and resolution tactics. Having a trustworthy and competent arbitrator can make all the difference in an arbitration.

Statewide services are offered in areas like construction, business, family matters, real estate, eminent domain and tax issues.


Mediation is a dispute resolution strategy in which an unbiased third party facilitates a productive discussion between the two opposing parties in an attempt to reach a mutually agreed upon resolution.

The mediator does not have the authority to hand down a decision regarding the matter. It is up to the mediator to guide the parties to a resolution, but it is ultimately up to the opposing parties whether or not an agreement can be reached.

Mediation can be voluntary or compulsory (court ordered), but it does not replace a trial. It puts the trial on hold pending the outcome of the mediation. If an agreement is not reached in mediation then the trial will proceed. Having an experienced mediator will allow for a better organized mediation that will promote meaningful discussions and expedite an agreement.

We also provide dispute resolution services for labor and employment issues, contracts and commercial matters, insurance and personal injury.

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