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Commercial Litigation Services in Arizona

While our commercial lawyers are seasoned litigators, we recognize that litigation can consume valuable resources. JacksonWhite knows that litigation can sometimes be costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome on the judicial system. For these reasons, we do not exercise frivolity when it comes to litigating your business disputes. It is our philosophy that the best business solutions are those which are best for business – not billable hours.

Whether it means aggressively litigating business issues or seeking an alternative resolution, our commercial lawyers have the experience that quality businesses can count on. We are highly proficient in all phases of litigation, and also maintain a record of successful alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys remain ahead of the curve and are dedicated to maintaining personal relationships and quality representation, even in the fast-paced setting of the business arena.

Business Disputes

We facilitate contract disputes between businesses or between businesses and an individual.


Our commercial team represents business with past due and outstanding invoices.

Construction Disputes

Representing contractors and sub-contractors in a variety of disputes.

Injuries to Business

We represent businesses in relation to false claims or reviews that have been published on websites and social media.

Homeowners Associations

Our commercial team represents HOAs facing disputes against their homeowners.

Commerical Rental Disputes

We represent businesses and individuals facing commercial property rental disputes.

Corporations, Partnerships & LLCs Disputes

We represent clients involved in partnership disputes and disagreements, dissolutions and litigation.

Business Tort

Representation of businesses when there has been accusations of fraud or misrepresentation.

Real Estate Disputes

Our commercial litigation team focuses on a wide array of real estate issues, often representing real estate professionals.

Uniform Commerical Code

Litigating cases involving the sale of goods and breach of warranties, negotiable instruments and other banking system issues, and secured transactions.

Transportation Litigation

Our team represents businesses facing transportation and logistics disputes and claims.

Arbitration and Mediation

We handle private arbitration and mediation for businesses and professionals. 

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Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Tony Misseldine Eminent Domain Attorney

Anthony H. Misseldine

Eminent Domain Attorney

Anthony Misseldine is a Shareholder with JacksonWhite and practices in the areas of Eminent Domain and Commercial Litigation.

Kelsey Misseldine Eminent Domain Attorney

Kelsey M. Misseldine

Eminent Domain Attorney

Kelsey Misseldine is an associate attorney at JacksonWhite representing private property owners in eminent domain litigation, as well as businesses and individuals in commercial litigation issues.

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Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Mesa, Arizona

Our team of Commercial Litigators understands that it is sometimes necessary to aggressively defend and stand up for the rights of a business. With years of experience upon which to rely, we create unique and effective legal solutions to the complex business issues that arise in today’s market.

When dealing with legal controversy caused by business issues, sound guidance matters. Our Commercial Litigation attorneys offer clients throughout Phoenix’s East Valley superior advice drawn from a depth experience, both in and out of the courtroom. Call us today at (480) 464-1111.

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