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Eminent Domain Services

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the government’s constitutional authority to take private property. Condemnation is the process by which the government exercises eminent domain.

Inverse Condemnation

In a typical condemnation, the government openly exercises its eminent domain power by taking private property, and then compensates the property owner.

Property Tax Appeals

Property tax is determined by two factors, valuation and classification. Property valuation and classification are determined by the county assessor’s office, which assesses every property in the county on an annual basis.

Land Use Litigation

Land use law covers a wide range of complex legal issues, each of which are particularly relevant to property owners, developers, and investors.


Valuation lies at the center of condemnation law. Property owners are compensated based on the property’s fair market value, and diminution to that value.

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Meet Our Eminent Domain Attorneys

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Anthony H. Misseldine

Eminent Domain Attorney

Anthony Misseldine is a Shareholder with JacksonWhite and practices in the areas of Eminent Domain and Commercial Litigation.

Kelsey M. Misseldine

Eminent Domain Attorney

Kelsey Misseldine is an associate attorney at JacksonWhite representing private property owners in eminent domain litigation, as well as businesses and individuals in commercial litigation issues.

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