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Eminent Domain Services

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the government’s constitutional authority to take private property. Condemnation is the process by which the government exercises eminent domain.

Inverse Condemnation

In a typical condemnation, the government openly exercises its eminent domain power by taking private property, and then compensates the property owner.

Property Tax Appeals

Property tax is determined by two factors, valuation and classification. Property valuation and classification are determined by the county assessor’s office, which assesses every property in the county on an annual basis.

Land Use Litigation

Land use law covers a wide range of complex legal issues, each of which are particularly relevant to property owners, developers, and investors.


Valuation lies at the center of condemnation law. Property owners are compensated based on the property’s fair market value, and diminution to that value.

Counter Offer

A counter offer helps to consider your property’s true value while comparing it to how much your property may be worth to the government

Contact Us Immediately If:

  • the government or a government entity contacts you regarding property it plans to obtain
  • you receive an offer for compensation from the government regarding property you own
  • the government is trying to discuss any aspect of taking your property
  • the government condemns or takes a part, or all of your property

Consulting with an experienced eminent domain attorney in Arizona is essential in these scenarios. Our attorneys will help determine whether you should challenge the taking of your property or pursue greater compensation through the condemnation process. The latter can be done by examining factors such as independent property appraisals, engineering reports, land use analysis, and other relevant reports.

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Meet Our Eminent Domain Attorneys

Tony Misseldine Eminent Domain Attorney

Anthony H. Misseldine

Eminent Domain Attorney

Anthony Misseldine is a Shareholder with JacksonWhite and practices in the areas of Eminent Domain and Commercial Litigation.

Kelsey Misseldine Eminent Domain Attorney

Kelsey M. Misseldine

Eminent Domain Attorney

Kelsey Misseldine is an associate attorney at JacksonWhite representing private property owners in eminent domain litigation, as well as businesses and individuals in commercial litigation issues.

Arizona Eminent Domain FAQs

Compensation for private property is determined based upon fair market value, appraisals, expert witnesses, and negotiations. If a settlement isn’t reached through negotiation, this often can lead to legal proceedings. 

Hiring an eminent domain attorney prior to reaching the legal proceedings stage is helpful in ensuring you receive the full value of your property.

Exempt properties typically include places of worship, burial grounds and any property used solely for religious or educational purposes – as well as those protected under federal laws such as Native American tribal lands.

Arizona Constitution and state laws forbid the use of eminent domain for exclusively private uses; instead it can only be employed to serve public needs such as infrastructure development, utilities installation, transportation or any public projects that benefit everyone in society.

Eminent domain proceedings in Arizona may take several months or longer depending on factors like its complexity, parties’ willingness to negotiate and any legal challenges that may arise. Negotiations, appraisal, filing a condemnation lawsuit and potentially trial may all take place during this process; for more accurate evaluation it’s advisable consulting with an experienced attorney about your specific circumstances.

Yes, if the government acquires only part of your land through eminent domain, you are entitled to receive compensation based on its fair market value based on factors like location, size, zoning restrictions and any improvements on it. This process is known as partial taking.

Additionally, in addition to receiving compensation for land taken, you may also be entitled to receive “severance damages”, designed to address any negative impacts caused by taking part of your property and reduce its value or usefulness.

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