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At JacksonWhite Law, we believe in focusing on the future of our clients, not the past. That’s why we work tirelessly to get the possible results for your case, no matter what your charges.

And our approach works: our success rates make us one of the most effective defense teams in the East Valley.

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Practice Areas


Learn more about how we can help with your DUI case.

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Criminal Speeding

See why criminal speeding isn’t something to take lightly.

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Marijuana Possession

Marijuana charges are some of the most common in Arizona.

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Possession of Dangerous Drugs

Learn how we help our clients with drug possession charges.

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Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Discover the best ways to fight against paraphernalia charges.

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Possession of Narcotic Drugs

See how our team helps clients in narcotic drug cases.

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Juvenile Crimes

See how our team helps young clients face a brighter future.

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Criminal Trespass

Learn how we help clients facing criminal trespass charges.

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See how our team helps shoplifting clients in Arizona.

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How We Can Help with Your Case

Throughout Phoenix and Mesa – and across Arizona – we’ve helped clients go from facing multiple charges to having less severe penalties that make it easier to move on after a criminal case.

Some of the outcomes and results we’ve secured for clients include:

  • Reduced charges
  • Dropped charges and cases
  • Lessened penalties
  • Probation, fines and classes instead of jail time

What many people don’t realize is that the same charge or case can lead to many different outcomes, and without the most effective lawyer, you risk getting an outcome that could’ve been more in your favor.

At JacksonWhite, we’re focused on the road ahead – not what’s behind you. We’ll make every effort to understand your case and offer a legal solution that puts your best foot forward, so that despite your charges, you can move forward and minimize how much your case negatively impacts your life.

We’ve helped adults and juveniles facing all types of criminal charges, from DUI and drug crimes to violent crimes related to domestic violence, assault and battery. Our attorneys have experience on all sides of the court system and know how to combine their knowledge, guidance and skill set to work toward the best possible outcome for you.

We also work to help those who have had personal property taken away due to criminal forfeiture in Arizona.

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When you’re ready to move past your criminal charges, we’re here to help. We invite you to call our office to schedule a free case review with one of our criminal defense lawyers.

In your free, no-obligation case review, we’ll help with:

  • Clarity on what charges or penalties you may be facing
  • Determine your legal options moving forward
  • Explain how we can assist with yoyur case
  • Provide a cost estimate based on your charges

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Helping Clients with all Types of Offenses

Our defense attorneys work with all types of cases, including assaultcriminal speeding in Arizonasecond degree burglaryshopliftingpossession or use of a dangerous drugpossession of drug paraphernaliapossession of marijuana and other offenses. You can also learn more about Arizona drinking laws and related topics.


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The JacksonWhite Defense Team

Successfully defending clients for more than 20 years.

At JacksonWhite, we understand how important it is to get your life back on track after a criminal charge. If you’re facing a serious charge, it could impact your employment, schooling, ability to find housing and other aspects of your life that you may not realize.

But it doesn’t have to. The criminal defense attorneys at JacksonWhite can turn your case into an opportunity to move forward. We do that by giving our clients the best chance to succeed in court, by providing the highest level of commitment and attention to your case.

We work diligently to secure the best legal outcomes for our clients, and our success rate is so high because of our ability to truly get to know you and your case.

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