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A fake ID card is any form of state or federal identification that has been altered or forged—this can also include using an ID that belongs to someone else and presenting it as your own. Under A.R.S. 4-241, using a fraudulent ID while under the legal age of drinking to gain access to a bar or establishment is a class 1 misdemeanor. This can come with significant legal consequences and harsh penalties.

If you have been charged with using a fake ID, our team at JacksonWhite Law is here to provide support for clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas in Arizona and build a case to defend against the harshest penalties.

Penalties for Using a Fake ID in Arizona

If you get caught using a fake or forged ID in Arizona, you can face harsh penalties, especially without the support of an experienced lawyer. If you try and use a fake ID at an establishment such as a bar or liquor store, and the employee checking your ID believes it to be fake, they can call the police and have you arrested as well as file charges for trespassing

In Arizona, a minor caught using or in possession of a fake ID is a class 1 misdemeanor and due to the legal liabilities that an establishment can face by serving a minor, the police will often be called to sort out the issue. Once the police get involved, they will first seek to determine the legitimacy of the ID and if it is indeed fake, they have multiple options for charges they can file:

  • If they determine that your ID is in fact fake, an arrest can be made on the grounds of using false identification
  • If you denied using a fake ID when confronted by a law enforcement officer, a charge can also be filed for making a false statement to a police officer

If you are convicted of any of these charges, the maximum penalties for using a fake ID can include:

  • A citation from a police officer
  • Jail time up to 6 months
  • A suspended driver’s license for 6 months if the ID is real and belongs to someone else
  • A suspended driver’s license for 12 months for a second conviction
  • A fine of up to $2,500

The charges also depend on the act you’ve committed associated with the possession of a fake ID. It is a crime to simply possess a fake ID alone. However, selling fake IDs can come with even more severe charges. If you also used the ID to commit another crime, you will be charged for that as well. For example, if you used the ID to purchase alcohol as a minor, you can also be charged for a minor in possession under ARS 4-244.

In the event that you find yourself facing any of these penalties, contact our criminal defense team at JacksonWhite Law. We’ll support you in building a defense to reduce your chances of facing the harshest penalties under the law.

How JacksonWhite Handles Fake ID Cases

At JacksonWhite Law, we support those charged with a fake ID case in building a defense against the harshest penalties under the law. We’ll offer you a free case review through an initial consultation to determine the best possible path forward for you depending on your circumstances. 

From there, you can expect us to take the following steps:

  • During the initial review, we’ll take steps to understand the details surrounding your case so we can build an appropriate and effective defense. 
  • Our team will listen to your concerns and the details of the situation while also communicating with other interested parties in the case, including witnesses and the arresting officer.
  • Then, we’ll use our understanding of the details of your case to seek the best possible outcome and deconstruct the charges against you. 
  • Throughout the process, we’ll work to defend you against the harshest penalties under the law, negotiating alternatives to harsh penalties.
  • We’ll help you understand the charges against you, navigate legal proceedings, and file the necessary paperwork, all while representing you in court against the prosecution.

Altogether, our Arizona Fake ID attorneys will use their legal experience to navigate the specific circumstances of your case, understand the potential penalties, and fight for a reduction or complete dismissal of the charges, all while maintaining complete transparency with you throughout the process. We’ll work with you to address the full scope of charges around your case so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Potential Defenses for Fake ID Charges

If you have been charged with using a fake ID, our criminal defense team at JacksonWhite Law will work to secure the best possible outcome to either drop or minimize your charges.

Some potential defenses for fake ID charges include:

  • The fake ID wasn’t used for illegal activity – If the fake ID wasn’t used to get into a bar or establishment that serves alcohol, our legal team can argue for reduced charges.
  • No reasonable suspicion – A police officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop you and ask for your ID, so if they discovered the fake ID without reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime, there is an opportunity for these charges to be dropped.
  • Miranda rights violation – If you were arrested and were not read your Miranda rights, leading to you disclosing that your ID was falsified, you may be able to have the charges dropped.
    Denial of right to counsel – Parties have the right to legal representation and to speak to a lawyer when in custody. If this right was denied at any point, it can serve as a potential defense.
  • Misleading police reports – A misleading police report that includes false information or inconsistent details can demonstrate negligence on the part of the officer and lead to the case being dismissed.

It’s important to contact a skilled fake ID lawyer to help you build an appropriate defense. Our team at JacksonWhite Law can work to understand the details of your case and determine the appropriate defense to secure the best possible outcome.

What Are The Possible Outcomes if You Hire JacksonWhite To Represent You?

Our attorneys will take all possible steps to build a defense for you based on your situation. With our legal experience, we’ll take the opportunity to secure the best possible outcome. 

Through the support we provide in the process, some examples of the outcomes we can promote include:

  • Reduced penalties, like a lower fine or less time in jail
  • Alternative penalties to fines or jail time
  • Minimized charges, like a drop of possession charges to just a minor in consumption
  • A removal of a conviction from your record
  • A complete dismissal of all charges based on a dismantling of the prosecution’s evidence
  • For first-time offenders, minors are often eligible to take an alcohol diversion class, which upon completion will expunge the ticket from their record

If you choose to defend yourself against charges without the support of an attorney, you may find yourself experiencing difficulties navigating legal procedures and facing unnecessarily harsh penalties against a far more experienced prosecution team.

Our criminal defense attorney team at JacksonWhite can provide valuable guidance during your case to provide you with added confidence and peace of mind. Contact our team to learn more about the resources available to you and potential outcomes.

FAQ about Fake IDs in Arizona:

Is using a fake ID a felony?

In Arizona, the use of a fake ID is not a felony. The charge is a class 1 misdemeanor but that charge is only related to the possession of the ID and does not take into account any illegal activity that may have happened such as minor in consumption.

What do bouncers do with fake IDs?

Bouncers and the establishments they work in will typically require you to surrender the fake ID to them and then it is up to their discretion to hand it over to the police or keep it.

Is selling fake IDs illegal?

Selling fake IDs is illegal and the consequences for doing so are often harsher than those for using a fake ID.

Can fake IDs be detected?

Fake IDs can be detected by either a machine or a trained eye. Bouncers, bartenders, and law enforcement officers can usually spot fake IDs by checking their texture and shape. Some establishments use a specialized machine that can scan the ID to determine if it is real or fake.

Get Experienced Fake ID Representation in Arizona

Using a fake ID in Arizona is a class 1 misdemeanor that can lead to harsh penalties including a fine and even jail time. With the overwhelming number of fake ID’s being used for the consumption of alcohol, it is common for multiple charges to be filed, and, which can significantly affect your future.

If you are facing charges stemming from the use of a fake ID and your future is being impacted, it’s important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in understanding the circumstances around your case and build an appropriate defense to lessen your penalties or reduce the charges against you.

Our criminal defense team at JacksonWhite Law can support you in securing the best possible outcome by using our decades of legal experience to dismantle the charges against you. Call the JacksonWhite Criminal Law team at (480) 467-4370 to discuss your case today.

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