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Drug trafficking is a serious crime in Arizona and includes distributing, selling, or planning to distribute or sell an illegal substance. Since trafficking is common in this part of the United States, Arizona has strict laws on drugs. Trafficking may lead to mandatory time in prison along with high fines and a permanent mark on your record.

With a criminal offense hanging over you, your professional opportunities and financial situation will be severely threatened. If you’ve received a charge for drug trafficking or a related offense, speak with a Mesa drug trafficking lawyer immediately. They can help you pursue a reduced sentence and answer your questions along the way.

Drug Trafficking in Mesa

Many don’t realize that you may receive a drug trafficking charge even if you aren’t traveling or crossing a border. The state will assume you had plans to distribute or sell the substance if you’re arrested with a substantial amount. Drug possession escalates to the crime of trafficking when you possess over a gram of heroin, more than 2 pounds of weed, or over 9 grams of coke.

You’ll also receive a drug trafficking crime for having more than 50 milliliters or 4 grams of PCP, or 9 grams of amphetamine or methamphetamine. Receiving a drug trafficking crime can lead to severe, life-altering consequences. Contact a Mesa drug trafficking lawyer right away if you’ve been accused of this offense.

Drug Trafficking Penalties in Mesa

In Arizona, drug trafficking may result in a class 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 felony. The charge you receive depends on the type of drug you were caught with and how much was in your possession. Selling heroin, for example, is a class 3 felony offense, which comes with a fine of triple the value of the substance or $1,000 (whichever is higher). Selling heroin to a minor is a class 2 felony crime and can land you in prison for up to 12.5 years with no prior convictions.

Drug transportation or trafficking offenses are often charged along with other crimes, such as distribution or possession, which will include additional penalties. Certain substances are considered more serious than others For example, if the police catch you with methamphetamine, you won’t have access to parole, probation, or a suspended sentence.

If you end up with a drug possession (rather than drug trafficking) conviction, you can attend a Prop 200 diversion program, which can help you avoid jail. Receiving a conviction for selling or importing illegal substances, however, will make you ineligible for this diversion opportunity. Keep in mind that repeat offenses will be treated more harshly than first-time charges.

Defenses for Drug Trafficking in Mesa

As mentioned, the quantity of drugs you’re caught with may lead prosecution to assume you intended to sell or distribute them. But prosecution must show that the substance contains or is a dangerous drug. They must prove via scientific testing that it’s a narcotic, that you knew about the drugs, and clearly intended to (or actually did) import or transport the substance for sale.

Our attorneys know the ins and outs of drug trafficking regulations in Mesa and can work to look for mistakes or violations of your rights in your case. They will look for weak spots on the part of prosecution and may have your charges dismissed or lessened using a variety of defenses. If you were unaware of the substance in your possession or subjected to a search without a warrant, it will count in your favor.

In other cases, you may have been caught with drugs that didn’t belong to you, induced to commit a crime, or never intended to sell the substance. Considering all of this, your attorney may be able to help you secure a more favorable outcome for your case. Even if you’re facing a serious charge, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can craft an innovative strategy to help protect your freedom. Contact us today.

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