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Assault is one of the top ten most charged offenses in Arizona, and the state divides these charges into assault and aggravated assault.

If you’re facing either type of charge, it’s important to know the severity of your penalties, and how the attorneys at JacksonWhite can work to obtain the best resolution for your case.

Our award-winning team can work to:

  • Dismiss your assault or aggravated assault case
  • Reduce your penalties and charges
  • Limit the negative impact of your case
  • Fully protect your legal rights

An assault conviction can lead to jail time, a felony record and other penalties. But it doesn’t have to. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Are You Facing Assault Charges?

Although assault charges are extremely serious, there are many opportunities to get the best possible outcome to your case.

With the help of a criminal attorney experienced in assault cases, you can ensure that you’re taking the best approach to your case – and your future.

Assault occurs when someone “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly” causes injury to another person.

A basic assault charge can be a class 1, 2 or 3 misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances of the assault. To learn more about assault charges in Arizona, the definition and penalties are outlined in A.R.S. 13-1203.

Aggravated assault occurs when significant injury is caused or a deadly weapon or other object is used during the assault.

Aggravated assault also occurs when:

  • assault causes physical disfigurement
  • an assault victim is bound or restrained
  • an adult assaults a minor 15 years or younger
  • one enters a private home to commit assault
  • a police officer, firefighter or other officers are assaulted

To review all the definitions of aggravated assault, view A.R.S. 13-1204.

What Punishments Can You Expect?

Because assault and aggravated assault cover such a wide range of circumstances, the penalties you can expect depend on your specific case.

In general, you can expect misdemeanor assault charges to include anything from a maximum of 30 days to four months in jail. Aggravated assault charges can lead to years of imprisonment, especially for the more severe cases of assault.

Discussing your case with an attorney is the best way to find out which penalties you’ll likely face.

Your penalties will also be determined by:

  • your criminal background
  • details relating to the victim(s)
  • the severity of the assault

You can expect to face the following penalties with any assault case in Arizona:

  • time in jail or prison (days, months or years)
  • court-ordered fines and fees
  • restitution for victims
  • probation, community service
  • other penalties as decided by the court

Can You Be Charged with a Felony for Assault in Arizona?

Yes, an aggravated assault conviction can leave you with a felony record, making it difficult to obtain employment, housing and other everyday necessities. A simple assault charge is typically charged as a misdemeanor, but may be upgraded to a felony if you are a “repeat offender” with multiple prior assault or aggravated assault charges. The negative effects of having a felony record cannot be overstated.

How We Can Help You

The defense attorneys at JacksonWhite are extremely familiar with all types of assault cases in Arizona. From first-time misdemeanor assault charges to complex aggravated assault cases for repeat offenders, our attorneys have consistently obtained positive results for our assault clients.

Why choose us to handle your case? Our attorneys:

  • have successfully defended assault clients throughout Phoenix and Arizona
  • are very familiar with the outcomes of assault charges similar to yours
  • have a strong history of successful negotiations with prosecutors
  • personally and thoroughly research and review your case
  • explore all possible options to find your best legal defense

At JacksonWhite, we’re focused on your future. Our forward-thinking approach gives us high success rates and offers you the chance to minimize the impact of your charges.

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Our Recent Assault Charge Successes

  • Charges: one count assault, one count disorderly conduct
  • Our result: no charges filed with the court
  • Charges: one count assault, one count criminal damage, one count disorderly conduct
  • Our result: charges dropped to class 1 misdemeanor disorderly conduct
  • Charges: One count class 2 felony aggravated assault
  • Our result: charge dropped to disorderly conduct

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