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Murder is one of the most serious crimes you can commit in Arizona. According to A.R.S. 13-1105, a person is guilty under Arizona law of this charge if they take premeditated action with the intent to kill another person; this includes unknowingly killing an unborn child.

A charge of murder in the first degree will also be added to any individual’s indictment if the murder is part of another felony charge like kidnapping, terrorism, sexual assault, robbery, arson, child abuse, burglary, and other drug crimes.

The crime is considered a Felony Murder if the defendant flees the scene of the crime immediately after committing the act.

Penalties for First Degree Murder

Punishment ranges from death to life imprisonment depending on the severity of your actions. The minimum sentencing one can hope to achieve is life imprisonment with a possibility of parole after 25 years are served.

Possible Defenses for First Degree Murder Charges

One of the most effective defenses for murder charges is self-defense. Using this defense; our attorneys can attempt to prove that your deadly actions were necessary in order to counteract the deadly force against you.

Another option is called “supervening causes” which basically means the individual you attacked died because of medical malpractice during surgery, but the point is, your actions didn’t actually kill them at first and instead a later occurrence did.

Beyond murder defenses, our criminal attorneys will look at common criminal law defense for options like; looking at the accuracy of evidence, or investigating whether a defendant’s Miranda rights were violated. Both of these defenses would result in a minimization of possible sentencing for the defendant.

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