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In Arizona, dangerous drug crimes come with serious penalties. The most common dangerous drugs in the state are prescription substances such as Xanax, Valium, Adderall, and Ambien. If you’ve been charged with such an offense, it’s important to understand dangerous drug laws and prohibited conduct concerning substances. You should also be knowledgeable about the penalties that come along with a dangerous drug conviction. 

If you’re facing this type of charge, it’s imperative that you seek assistance from a dangerous drug defense lawyer. They can answer your questions and help you pursue a lessened sentence.

Dangerous Drug Laws in Mesa

In addition to prescription substances, dangerous drugs include hallucinogens, steroids, and methamphetamines. Substances like weed aren’t considered to be dangerous substances. Possession is the most common type of crime related to dangerous drugs. This involves being in possession of a substance without intending to sell it. Possession charges often occur when someone is pulled over and the police find a dangerous substance in the car or on their person. 

While this is the lowest level of offense related to dangerous drugs, possession still counts as a felony crime. Other dangerous drug related crimes include possessing a substance for sale and possessing chemicals or equipment to manufacture illegal substances. Importing, transporting, administering, manufacturing, or obtaining dangerous substances by deceit or fraud all qualify, as well. 

Penalties for Dangerous Drug Crimes in Mesa

All crimes involving dangerous drugs are classed as felonies. In Arizona, the lower a crime is on the felony scale, the more serious it is. For example, class 2 felony dangerous drug crimes are the most severe and class 6 crimes are the least. For dangerous drug charges, the felony class is determined based on the conduct involved with the offense. For instance, dangerous drug possession is a class 4 felony offense, while possessing the substance for sale belongs in the class 2 category. 

Having equipment or chemicals to manufacture an illegal substance is a class 3 felony crime, or class 2 if the equipment is designed to produce methamphetamine. Obtaining prescription (or other dangerous) drugs through deceit or fraud is a class 3 felony offense under Arizona law. Manufacturing illegal substances, administering them to another person, or moving, importing, or transporting dangerous drugs to sell, are all class 2 felonies.

The felony classification will play a role in determining penalties for a dangerous drug related offense. However, other factors such as prior criminal history will impact the length of jail or prison terms. If this is your first offense, you may be eligible for a dismissal or probation for dangerous drug possession. Also keep in mind that any dangerous drug-related conviction will come with high fines and community restitution. 

The court may order you to have drug screenings or treatment during your probation terms. Keep in mind that meth convictions are treated far more severely than other substance related offenses in Mesa. If you were caught in possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, you’ll be facing a mandatory term in prison.

Dangerous Drug Defenses in Mesa 

Most dangerous drug offenses in Arizona are possession charges, which come with a variety of potential defenses. You may have been in physical possession of the substance without knowing it was there, for example. In this case, another person could have been in control of the drug even if you were in the same vicinity. 

In other cases, your attorney could show that the state’s evidence against you was obtained illegally. And statements that you’ve made could be suppressed if law enforcement obtained them while violating your Miranda rights. If you’ve received a dangerous drug charge, speak with a dangerous drugs defense lawyer today. In some cases, you can have your charges dropped or your penalties diminished. 

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