DUI Laws in Arizona: A.R.S. 28-1381

In Arizona, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can have stiff penalties, such as hefty fines, probation, and possibly a

Third Degree Trespassing in Arizona: A.R.S. 13-1502

Criminal trespass involves knowingly entering another person’s property or land without permission. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) §13-1502 is defined as criminal trespassing in the

Theft Laws in Arizona: A.R.S. 13-802

Theft is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of crimes, ranging from shoplifting to embezzlement. Based on the value of the

Assault Laws in Arizona: A.R.S. 13-1203

In Arizona, assault occurs when a person illegally commits physical harm or unwanted physical contact with another person. However, a person does not need

Arizona’s Disorderly Conduct Laws: A.R.S. 13-2904

Disorderly conduct is a crime that covers a broad scope of behaviors, such as offensive language, physical altercations, excessive noise, and drug use. Also

Arizona’s Resisting Arrest Laws: A.R.S. 13-2508

Discovering that you’re being arrested can be an alarming situation. If you’ve never been arrested before, you may not know what to expect. If

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