Category: Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Assault Charges in Arizona

Introduction Assault involves a violent act against another person, including verbal, physical, or sexual assault, whether threatened or attempted. While assault does not technically

Underage Drinking: Minor in Consumption Laws in Arizona (MiC)

The legal age to consume alcohol in Arizona is 21, and anyone under the age of 21 found guilty of drinking alcohol can be

When are Juveniles Tried as Adults in Arizona?

Introduction Juvenile offenders are typically sent to juvenile court for the crimes they commit. Society sees a juvenile as a child who has not

What is a Ward of the State in Arizona?

Introduction A ward of the state is usually a minor who has no parents and lives under protective custody of the state. In court,

Penalties in the Arizona Juvenile System

Introduction When minors commit crimes in Arizona, they are subject to the laws of juvenile court. These laws are similar to those in the

What Happens During a Juvenile Court Advisory Hearing in Arizona?

Introduction Arizona law provides for a simplified juvenile court system that often delivers less severe sentences than adult criminal court. While it’s a little

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