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Arizona has seen major marijuana reform in recent years. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2010 and adult recreational use became legal in late 2020.

However, marijuana use and driving remains strictly prohibited. An arrest for driving under the influence of marijuana comes with serious criminal charges in Arizona, even if you have a medical marijuana card or used recreationally where permitted.

Arizona's Marijuana DUI Laws

In Arizona, it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. The state has a zero tolerance policy for driving with any amount of marijuana or its impairing metabolite in the body.

Arizona Revised Statutes section 28-1381(A)(3) states that it is unlawful for a person to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle while there is any marijuana or its impairing metabolite in the person’s body.

With marijuana DUIs, impairment is not required to be convicted. You can face charges if THC is simply detected in your system while operating a vehicle. While field sobriety tests for marijuana use are controversial and THC breathalyzer technology is still under development, blood and urine samples showing active THC metabolites can be used as condemning evidence.

Unlike alcohol, there are no legal limits established for amounts of marijuana or its metabolite. So even small or trace amounts are enough to result in a DUI charge. 

Arizona has strict laws against drugged driving, and marijuana users should be aware that any amount of the drug in their system puts them at risk of a DUI. The best way to avoid a marijuana DUI is to not drive within several hours of using marijuana or to drive completely sober.

Penalties for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in Arizona

Arizona’s penalties for a marijuana DUI are the same as those for alcohol DUIs. On a first offense with no aggravating factors, it is a class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail, a fine of up to $2,500, license suspension, and installation of an ignition interlock device. Penalties increase for repeat offenses within a seven-year period.

To have the best chance at reducing penalties as much as possible for a marijuana DUI, you’ll need the help of an experienced criminal defense team, such as the remarkable team here at JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law.

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The deck is often stacked against drivers facing marijuana DUI charges in Arizona. Complex laws, questionable testing procedures, and confusing science make building a defense quite difficult without experienced legal help. Trying to navigate the system alone after an arrest can be overwhelming.

At JacksonWhite Law, our team of seasoned DUI defense attorneys have successfully handled countless marijuana DUI cases. We know how to build the strongest defense to achieve the best possible outcome. Don’t go it alone against the complex criminal justice system. 

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