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Child Endangerment Laws In Arizona

Introduction Caregivers like parents, grandparents, and babysitters can all face charges of child endangerment if they intentionally or recklessly put a child in harm’s

Manslaughter Laws In Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, there are four classifications of homicide: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, negligent homicide, and manslaughter. Although the different classifications of homicide can

Assault Laws in Arizona: A.R.S. 13-1203

In Arizona, assault occurs when a person illegally commits physical harm or unwanted physical contact with another person. However, a person does not need

Class 1 Felony Crimes in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, felonies are the most severe type of crime and carry stiff penalties. Felonies are broken down into six classes, with class

Scottsdale Violent Crime Attorneys

Scottsdale Violent Crime Attorneys  Although the need for a criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale, AZ can arise due to countless types of charges against

About Arizona’s Aggravated Assault Statutes: ARS 13-1204

Introduction Assault is a serious charge, and the repercussions of a conviction can affect your life for years to come, impacting your ability to

Second Degree Murder vs Voluntary Manslaughter in Arizona

Introduction 20-year-old David Silva was arrested and charged with murdering 19-year-old Anthony Hernandez at a Halloween party in 2012. Despite LA police sending 3

Conspiracy to Commit Murder in Arizona

Introduction Murder is considered the most serious offense in criminal law; however, a person could still face similar penalties without actually killing another person.

The Difference Between Robbery and Armed Robbery in Arizona

Introduction Robbery and armed robbery are both serious theft crimes. In Arizona, there were nearly 6,500 cases of robbery recorded in 2013. Of those,

Can a Grandmother Be Arrested for Kidnapping a Grandchild in Arizona?

Introduction A person can receive a kidnapping charge if they take a child without the guardian’s consent, even if the child goes with them

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