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ALTCS Packet

View our helpful PDF Packet for ALTCS applicants. Click the link below to download your PDF.

ALTCS Applicant Packet


Downloadable PDF Resources

Find helpful PDF resources that are important to the long-term care process. Click the links below to download your PDF.

ALTCS 2023 Rate Card Part 1

ALTCS 2023 Rate Card Part 2

ALTCS Single Applicant Cheat Sheet

ALTCS Married Applicant Cheat Sheet

ALTCS Nursing Home Case Study

ALTCS Home Care Case Study

Probate Reference Card

Health Care Facility G&C Reference Card


Downloadable Forms

Find a number of downloadable forms that are important to the long-term care process. Click the links below to download your forms.

Life Care Planning Packet

The Life Care Planning Packet includes the proper forms for a Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney and Mental Health Care Power of Attorney. These are the most common, basic forms of life care planning that are recommended to all individuals to have completed before a need may arise. These forms are Arizona specific and include instructions for completion.

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

Individuals should fill out a DNR if they do not wish to be brought back to life in the event they stop breathing, or do not have the ability to decline assent. Resuscitation generally covered by this form refers to CPR, chest compressions, defibrillation, and artificial ventilation. Although anyone can potentially request a DNR form through their physician, this form is generally reserved for those to whom resuscitation would do It is important to have this form printed on orange paper and kept in an obvious place, should a friend or family member need to search for it in an emergency.

Financial Power of Attorney

The Financial Power of Attorney is a document that allows individuals (known as the “principal”) to forward their decision-making powers to someone else (known as the “agent”) for financial matters. This decision-making power is only brought about by the physical or mental incapacitation of the principal. As the title conveys, this form only governs financial decisions, such as purchasing and selling property, bank account managements, business decisions, etc.

ACCESSMed Foundation



ACCESSMed is a nonprofit community service that helps low income Arizona seniors access affordable, quality health care. ACCESSMed provides Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage education, counseling and enrollment support. For help, call ACCESSMed at (602)375-2412, via email at [email protected], or visit

Reflections at Fellowship Square-Mesa



At Reflections at Fellowship Square-Mesa, we offer a welcoming and supportive environment for Memory Care. We are focused on enhancing the quality of life for all of our residents. All of our staff are certified by the NCCDP and are trained as Dementia Care & Alzheimer’s Care professionals. For help, call Fellowship Square-Mesa at (888)460-2182, via email at [email protected], or visit Reflections at Fellowship Square-Mesa.

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