ALTCS Application Common Outcomes

Here are some common situations you might already be concerned with or run into when going through the ALTCS application process in Arizona: 

  • Situation: We thought my parents would have to spend all of their assets before dad could qualify for ALTCS
    • Outcome: My dad qualified for ALTCS, and my mom preserved nearly all of her assets.
  • Situation: I thought my husband would not qualify for ALTCS because we own two homes
    • Outcome: Thanks to the skilled attorneys at JacksonWhite, he not only qualified for ALTCS but we were also able to keep both of our homes.
  • Situation: I never thought my wife would qualify for ALTCS because I operate a business
    • Outcome: I was able to keep my business and my wife qualified for the program
  • Situation: My dad had several classic cars that he wanted to keep in the family.
    • Outcome: We were able to keep the cars in the family and get my dad on the program.
  • Situation: We were worried that ALTCS would take all of my dad’s money before he could qualify for the program.
    • Outcome: ALTCS didn’t take any of dad’s money, he is on the program, and we were even able to preserve some of dad’s assets.
  • Situation: My mom makes $3,000 per month, which is more than the ALTCS income limit, but much less than her care costs
    • Outcome: We found a way to qualify Mom for benefits, despite the fact that she makes more than the income limit.
  • Situation: The facility at which my dad resides told us we had to spend down to $2,000 before we could apply.
    • Outcome: We found Jackson White, and we were actually able to preserve quite a bit of dad’s money by beginning the planning sooner. We are so grateful that we didn’t spend down to $2,000 before beginning planning.


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