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Common Concerns ALTCS

Married couples should be able to arrange their affairs to minimize their countable resources. Doing so can help them keep more assets for the well spouse, while helping the other qualify for the ALTCS benefit. The time for couples to make these arrangements is well before the financial assessment, as this could minimize potential delays in eligibility. Married applicants who engage in good planning should not be concerned about impoverishing the well spouse.

When to Start ALTCS Planning

The time to start planning for ALTCS is when there is a medical need that might induce long term care. Each year, the majority of ALTCS applicants are denied eligibility for long-term care coverage because of poor planning. It can take roughly three to five months for ALTCS to process an application. Preparing for ALTCS in advance maybe the best approach, but even those who have not prepared, and need immediate care, can become eligible for the ALTCS benefit if they meet strict medical and financial requirements.

What ALTCS Covers

The ALTCS benefit is unique to Arizona, and is based on a managed care concept that enables the state to pay for a variety of services. In addition to helping with skilled nursing and nursing home costs, ALTCS covers certain in-home services as well.

ALTCS Medical Eligibility

An ALTCS medical assessor will complete a “PAS” (Pre Admission Screening) to determine if the applicant needs long term care. Medical eligibility is based on how much assistance the applicant needs with activities of daily living.

What to Expect During Your ALTCS Consultation

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