ALTCS Share of Cost


When a person is on ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) they are obligated to “pay what they can” for their care. The state recognizes that the member may need their income when they reside at home. Therefore, the state allows the member to keep their income to help pay for the costs to live and receive services while residing at home. (*Rules may not allow for this if the member has an Income Only Trust.)

However, when the member is in a residential setting like a skilled nursing center, or an assisted living facility, the member must pay a “share of the cost” for their services. Arizona calls this amount paid towards care different depending on the type of setting the person lives in, but the amount is evaluated generally the same way.

  • If the member is in a skilled nursing center the amount is called “Share of Cost” and it is determined by ALTCS.
  • When in an alternative setting, the amount is called the “Room and Board” amount, and it is determined by the program contractor.

As of 2024, Arizona residents cannot be earning more than 300 percent of the FBR (SSI Federal Benefit Rate) monthly and still qualify for ALTCS. Note that some exceptions may apply. The income cap is $2,829 gross monthly pay for individuals and $5,658 for married applicants who are both applying for benefits.

Arizona has special rules set in place for the protection of a healthy spouse when their partner is getting long-term care services. The state will let the applicant spouse give their non-applicant spouse a monthly maintenance allowance to protect their financial security. As of 2024, this amount is $2,465 monthly.

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