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Arizona Long-Term Care Library

How ALTCS Helps Pay for Long Term Care in Arizona

Are you wondering how to pay for long-term care in Arizona? It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive in the United States. Thankfully, there are both federal and state programs in place to help with this. Long-term care services are ...
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Long Term Health Insurance Costs in Arizona

Many Arizona residents have had experience with a relative having long-term care needs, such as nursing home care, assisted living, or home healthcare. These services can get expensive and put a financial strain on what’s already (in many cases) an ...
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Transferring Medicaid From Another State to Arizona

Do you have questions about transferring Medicaid from state to state? Wondering whether all states have Medicaid or not? Whether you’re moving to Arizona or away from it, it’s important to understand how that will affect your medical benefits. There’s ...
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Arizona Long Term Care Plans

Looking for long-term care plans in Arizona? Wondering if ALTCS is the same as Medicaid? Whether you’re already receiving long-term care or think you may need it in the future, ALTCS can help. Depending on your medical needs and financial ...
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Does Medicaid Cover Long Term Care?

Are you wondering whether Medicaid covers long-term assisted living or nursing home care for dementia? Need to know if you can get help with treatment for a chronic illness, including prescriptions or doctor visits? It’s no secret that medical care ...
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