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Even with laws to prevent it, employment discrimination is unfortunately still a common occurance.

That’s why JacksonWhite represents management and employees involved in many kinds of discrimination lawsuits, including claims of age, race, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, and sexual harassment.

Employee’s will sometimes try and attribute their termination to their gender or age. However, it’s not always necessary for employers to give any reason or warning before letting you go, unless it’s clearly stated in your employment contract. Like any lawsuit, it’s critically important to have irrefutable evidence in a discrimination case, something that proves you were fired because of your disability, gender, race, age, or religion.

Representing Workers with Disabilities Facing Workplace Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects disabled employees from discrimination. The ADA holds employers responsible for making reasonable accommodations for disabled employees, rather than simply terminating them.

Employers are not forced to hire, or keep on disabled employees who are unable or unwilling to fulfill the job requirements. Employees who are claiming discrimination based on their disability will have the burden of proving they were unlawfully terminated, demoted, etc. even though they were capable of performing their job’s duties.

We Can Help You Fight Back Against Employment Discrimination

Our Arizona employment law team has the specialized experience of handling discrimination cases with both sensitivity and sincerity, understanding that employment discrimination claims are often complicated and uncomfortable for all parties involved. We will work with you to determine whether or not discrimination played a part in your termination or unlawful treatment.

Filing a discrimination claim with the Arizona attorney general’s Civil Rights Division (ACRD) is an integral step in the process before taking any legal action against your employer. Keep in mind, there are rigid guidelines and time restraints when it comes to filing your case. If we discover that you’ve been discriminated against, we’ll assist you in filing unlawful discrimination charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and ultimately a lawsuit against your employer.

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