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Don’t let your work troubles get you down. You have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully at your job. If you feel like you’ve been wronged by your employer or employee, you need a strong legal ally on your side. That’s where JacksonWhite comes in.

Our experienced lawyers know how to fight for your rights in any employment dispute in Tempe. We’ve helped thousands of Arizonans like you get the justice and peace of mind they deserve. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, we can handle your case with skill and professionalism.

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Tempe Employee Law Services

You put your heart and soul into your work. You deserve to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts. But sometimes, your employer may not see it that way. They may mistreat you, cheat you, or even fire you for no good reason.

That’s not only unfair, but also illegal. You have rights as an employee, and you need someone to defend them. That’s why you need JacksonWhite’s team of employment lawyers on your side. We have the experience and the passion to help you get justice and compensation for your work troubles.

Tempe Wrongful Termination Cases

In Arizona, employers can hire or fire employees as they please. But they can’t do it for any reason that violates the law. If your employer fires you because of who you are or what you stand for, they are breaking the rules.

For example, if your employer fires you because of your age, gender, race, disability, or any other factor that you can’t change, they are discriminating against you. That’s illegal under Arizona and federal laws. Also, if your employer fires you in breach of a written employment contract, they are violating your rights.

You don’t have to accept this injustice. Our lawyers can help you fight back and get what you deserve. We can help you prove that your termination was wrongful and get you compensation for your lost wages, benefits, and emotional distress.

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Tempe Workplace Discrimination

You have the right to work in a safe and respectful environment. You have the right to be judged by your performance and potential, not by your personal characteristics or beliefs. But sometimes, your employer or co-workers may not respect these rights. They may harass you, bully you, or treat you differently because of who you are or what you believe.

This is called workplace discrimination, and it can take many forms. You may face a hostile work environment, unequal pay, missed promotions, or other illegal actions because of your gender, religion, race, pregnancy, disability, or any other factor that you can’t change.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Our lawyers can help you speak up and stop the discrimination. We know how hard it is to confront your employer alone. That’s why we are here to support you and protect your rights.

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Tempe Whistleblower Protection

You love your job and your company. But you also love the truth and justice. So what do you do when you find out that your company is breaking the law or doing something wrong? Do you stay silent or speak up?

This is the tough choice of a whistleblower, an employee who exposes their own employer for wrongdoing. It’s not an easy choice to make, because you may still care about your job and your employer — you just want them to fix their mistakes.

But you don’t have to worry about losing your job or facing backlash for being a whistleblower. Arizona laws protect you from any harm by your employer if you report them. However, you need a skilled employment lawyer in Tempe to help you navigate this tricky situation and ensure your rights are upheld.

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Tempe Employer Law Services

You run a unique and awesome business in Tempe, and you want to keep it that way. But you also want to make sure you’re following the employment laws that apply to your industry and size. That’s why you need smart and fair policies that protect both your business and your employees.

Tempe Employment Audits

Employment laws can be tricky and changeable, and many business owners may accidentally break them without knowing it. That’s why our employment law team can help you check your company’s policies and practices to make sure they are up to date with state and federal laws.

We have a thorough audit system that helps both new and old businesses avoid costly mistakes and maintain a high level of ethical and legal conduct.

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Tempe Workers Compensation Claims

The best way to avoid workers compensation claims is to have clear and consistent policies and procedures in place and to communicate them effectively to each employee. However, even with the best practices, claims can still happen.

Workers compensation is supposed to benefit both employees and employers, but sometimes it can go wrong. Employees can misuse the system and claim workers compensation for situations or conditions that don’t qualify.

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Tempe Unfair Business Practices Defense

Our Tempe employment law lawyers have experience in handling various discrimination cases for both employees and employers.

We also help businesses to ensure that their workplace policies and culture meet state and federal standards and prevent problems related to unfair business practices in the future.

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employment law attorneys mike pruitt and nate hill

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Michale Pruitt is one of the most acclaimed employment lawyers in Arizona, with a Super Lawyer award from Thomas Reuters, a leading legal resource. Nate Hill is also a distinguished attorney, with a Top 100 Employment Law Attorneys recognition from The National Advocates, and a Rising Star honor from Thomas Reuters.

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