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We realize that uncertainty about attorneys’ fees can be the most daunting part about seeking counsel. It is difficult to know which payment option best suits your case until we have had a consultation. We find that offering some general guidelines about our fee structures upfront can be helpful to potential clients, especially to those who have never hired an attorney

Retainer/Hourly Fee

When applicable, we will quote an initial retainer amount and an hourly fee at the conclusion of your consultation. A retainer works like a security deposit – the deposit is held in the client’s trust account throughout representation and is then applied to the final bill or refunded to the client when the case closed. Depending on the nature and complexity of the case and the amount of work expected to be performed, a typical initial retainer will range from $500 to $5,000.

Based on the details of the case, we also will try to prepare you for the range of fees that might be involved. Keep in mind, any estimate is simply that: an estimate. It is difficult to determine the final amount of attorney’s fees because of the numerous factors, including opposing parties, opposing attorneys, witnesses, judge assignments, and government agencies. Our goal is to be as up front with you as possible. You should be cautious of attorneys that may promise specific outcomes or results.

Contingent Fee

A contingent fee means that your attorney’s fees and costs will be paid with a percentage of your settlement or award at the end of your case, rather than paying hourly fees as the case proceeds.

Contingent fee arrangements are only offered for specific types of claims, and JacksonWhite’s contingency percentage is typically 33%-40% of any gross recovery. Costs are not included and are dealt with separately. We also recommend that you should be cautious when considering an attorney who promises “no fees” unless they obtain a recovery for you.

Blended Fees

Often on overtime cases, we offer a combination of a flat fee or hourly fee and a contingent fee. This is referred to as a “blended” or “hybrid” fee agreement. An example of this would be agreeing to a reduced hourly rate and then a smaller contingent fee percentage. Some clients prefer this method to help offset immediate out-of-pocket costs.

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