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We help employees protect their privacy & classified information.

JacksonWhite’s labor and employment law attorneys have experience dealing with employment privacy issues. Employee privacy can be considered in two respects:

  • The handling of an employee’s personal records, files, or other classified information by an employer
  • The monitoring of employee workplace activities by the employer

Our attorneys can advise employers to avoid unknowingly violating the rights of their employees.

There are strict employee privacy rights regarding the handling of medical records and personal files, providing letters of reference, monitoring employee activity, announcing terminations, discussing employee discipline, implementing drug testing, and medical clearance procedures.

If you feel that your privacy rights have been violated by your employer, a labor and employment law attorney at JacksonWhite can help. Our employment law team also represents employers against false privacy claims. Our attorneys can work with you, no matter what your issue may be, to resolve your employee privacy situation.

Employee Monitoring

JacksonWhite assists companies and employers implement monitoring systems to ensure the protection of employees, work equipment, confidential information, and company reputation. With the help of an Arizona labor and employment law attorney, you can rest assured that you are prepared to handle any employee misconduct and that your procedures are 100% lawful.

It is important for employees to understand that they may not enjoy the same privacy rights at work that they do outside of the workplace. Even if a warning is not offered as a written policy, your employer has the right to monitor all computer activity, computer files, and telephones, unless prohibited or restricted by law.

Your employer may choose to practice strict monitoring techniques for several reasons. Encouraging productivity, protecting computer equipment, and maintaining the security of company information are just a few examples.

Employee Privacy

A lawful and non-threatening search of your our office, desk, work area, locker, filing cabinets and office documents can be instigated by your employer without prior notice. Video surveillance systems can be installed by your employer throughout your workplace, with the exception of bathrooms, at any time.

Computer Privacy

If you store or save any personal data on the hard drive of your work computer, your employer can have full access to those files, and can use the information against you if the content is illegal or if it gives grounds for dismissal.

Internet Privacy

Your employer has the right to monitor your online activity whenever you use your employer’s network or your work computer to access the Internet; this can include recording the websites you visit.

Email Privacy

Your employer can fully access any email that you send or receive over your employer’s network. The email can be read and copies of it can be made, even after you’ve deleted it.

Telephone Privacy

Federal law allows employers to monitor telephone activity on work phones without warning. Often times this is done for quality control and performance management.

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