Extreme DUI in Arizona (A.R.S. § 28-1382)

In the state of Arizona, there are three different crimes that you can be charged with for driving under the influence: DUI, Extreme DUI,

How to Send Money to a Maricopa County Inmate’s Trust Account

Introduction In Maricopa County, jails do not allow inmates to carry cash with them while they are serving their sentence. Because of this, inmates

Can I be sentenced to jail if I can’t afford my court fine in Arizona?

Introduction Yes, failure to pay the fines and court fees associated with being in the criminal justice system can lead to jail time. However,

Second Degree Murder vs Voluntary Manslaughter

Introduction 20-year-old David Silva was arrested and charged with murdering 19-year-old Anthony Hernandez at a Halloween party in 2012. Despite LA police sending 3

Why Would an Attorney Withdraw from a Case?

Introduction A high profile example of why an attorney would withdraw from a case can be seen in the court proceedings involving Arizona’s most

Is it Illegal to Deny Someone Water in Arizona?

Introduction In Arizona, there is no statute that states it is illegal to refuse water to someone else in the state. This myth grew because

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