Computer Tampering Laws in Arizona

Computer hacking may not seem like a serious crime in comparison to others dangerous acts, but illegally accessing a computer system with the intent

Types of Arson in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, there are different levels of arson that range from the burning of wildlands to the burning of an occupied structure. Depending

Criminal Damage in Arizona

If you've been charged with criminal damage anywhere in the East Valley, you could face potentially serious consequences if you are not properly prepared

Possible Punishments if Caught Stealing from an ATM in Arizona

If you are caught stealing cash from an ATM machine in Gilbert, AZ you will probably be charged with criminal theft. The severity of

What Happens During a Juvenile Court Advisory Hearing in Arizona?

Introduction Arizona law provides for a simplified juvenile court system that often delivers less severe sentences than adult criminal court. While it’s a little

Lifetime Probation Can Be Reduced and Even Expunged in Arizona

All juveniles, adults and juveniles charged as adults who are placed on lifetime probation can petition the court to have their lifetime probation terminated.

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