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ARS 13-2505: Promoting Prison Contraband in Arizona

While breaking out of prison is an extremely difficult task, smuggling contraband into a prison is not so difficult. In an effort to reduce

ARS 13-2006: Criminal Impersonation in Arizona

Introduction Whether it is due to technological advances that make committing criminal impersonation a breeze or the lack of violence needed, criminal impersonation is

ARS 13-3401: List of Illegal Drugs in Arizona

Introduction In recent years, we’ve seen lower the penalties for certain drugs and as well as the decriminalization of drugs such as marijuana. Even

How to Fight Bankruptcy Fraud Charges in Arizona

Introduction Whether you’re facing bankruptcy fraud charges or simply want to avoid committing this crime, it’s essential to know the law. A conviction for

Speeding Laws in Arizona’s School Zones

Introduction While it’s important to drive safely and obey all traffic laws and speed limits, it’s especially important to do so in a school.

Marijuana Expungement in Arizona

Introduction Arizonans came together and overwhelmingly voted to pass Proposition 207, which legalized the recreational use, possession, and simple cultivation of marijuana. Previously, the

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