Arizona Curfew Laws

Introduction Arizona governor Doug Ducey initiated a mandatory curfew for the state of Arizona in response to the unrest among citizens and subsequent riots

How Do Lawyers Dismiss Traffic Tickets in Arizona?

You may receive a traffic ticket for violating laws, such as failure to obey a stoplight or driving over the speed limit. You can

ARS 13-3112 – Arizona Concealed Carry Statutes

Introduction The second amendment to the United States constitution states that “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

ARS 13-2310 – Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices Statutes in Arizona

Introduction Fraud is the intentional action to deceive another person or even a company for an unlawful gain. Fraud can occur in many facets,

ARS 13-3601 – Arizona Domestic Violence Statutes

Introduction Arizona’s domestic violence statutes are listed in ARS 13-3601, 13-3601.01, and 13-3601.02. While you can certainly find any and all relevant information in

ARS 13-702 – Arizona First Time Felony Offenders Statutes

Introduction Felony crimes generally carry a prison sentence of one year or longer, with the sentence increasing as you progress in severity from class

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