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Does Your Car Get Impounded if You Get a DUI in Arizona?

Introduction There are a handful of situations in which your car can get impounded in Arizona, for both DUI-related and non-DUI offenses. When it

Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?

Arizona legalized recreational marijuana possession on November 30th 2020 under Proposition 207; however, specific guidelines exist for its possession and consumption. Possession without valid

Can I Get a CDL with a DUI in Arizona?

Introduction With six interstates in Arizona, commercial driving is a large part of the state’s transportation economy. This attracts many commercial drivers to the

Arizona Felony Sentencing Information

Introduction Criminal felony offenders are classified into two different categories, first-time offenders and repeat offenders. Naturally, a repeat offender will face a more severe

Computer Tampering Laws in Arizona

Introduction Computer hacking may not seem like a serious crime in comparison to others dangerous acts, but illegally accessing a computer system with the

Types of Arson in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, there are different levels of arson that range from the burning of wildlands to the burning of an occupied structure. Depending

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