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Do Cops Come to Your House for a Bench Warrant in Arizona?

Introduction If you have been charged with any crime in Arizona, you will be given a court date. This court date is the time

Lewis Prison Guide: Visitation Info, Legal Assistance, & More

Introduction Arizona State Prison Complex(ASPC) Lewis, is located in Buckeye, Arizona, and is run by Warden James Kimble. The facility is a multi-level-security prison

Arizona’s Laws on the Violation of Bail Conditions

Introduction If you have been arrested for a crime in Arizona, depending on the severity of your crime as well as your previous history,

Unemployment Fraud Laws in Arizona

Introduction Due to COVID-19 and the many business restrictions that were implemented to stop the spread, many Arizona businesses have been forced to shut

ARS 28-701: Reasonable and Prudent Speed in Arizona

Introduction If you have been caught driving too fast in Arizona, you are not alone. In fact, in 2016 there were just under 17,000

Unsupervised Probation in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, certain types of crimes are eligible for probation according to Arizona’s Revised Statutes. These statutes outline all of Arizona’s state laws

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