Get a Felony Reduced to a Misdemeanor in Arizona

Introduction Having a felony on your record can negatively impact your life in significant ways. Arizona may classify crimes as Class 6 undesignated felonies,

Does Ignoring Photo Radar Tickets in Arizona Really Work?

Introduction Recently, it was announced that photo enforcement cameras are back on Arizona streets. The cameras were taken off the streets for two months

Places That Hire Felons in Arizona

Introduction A criminal record in Arizona makes it difficult to find a well-paying, permanent job. But, that does not mean you cannot find a

Sexual Misconduct With a Minor in Arizona

Introduction Few issues enrage the public more than sexual abuse or misconduct with a minor. It’s why Arizona law enforcement and state prosecutors pursue

Arizona Castle Doctrine

Introduction Self-defense is justified in cases where a person feels it necessary to stand up for themselves against burglary, kidnapping, murder, or great bodily

Is Phoenix a Sanctuary City?

Introduction One of the areas of contention between the federal and the state agencies in Arizona today is whether Phoenix is a sanctuary city.

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