ARS 13-3102: Misconduct Involving Weapons

Introduction When it comes to misconduct involving weapons in Arizona, ARS 13-3102 covers everything you need to know, including what circumstances qualify for the

How to Report Police Misconduct in Arizona

Introduction Police officers are entrusted to enforce the law and stop or detain suspects as necessary. When a law enforcement official attempts to search

Consequences for a First Offense Felony Drug Charge in Arizona

Arizona is a state with some of the strictest laws regulating the possession of drugs and narcotics which can be legally used, as well

How The Three Strikes Law Works for Felony Crimes in Arizona

Introduction “Three strikes, you’re out” laws impose a mandatory life sentence for defendants who are convicted of three felony crimes on separate occasions. Washington

Who is Entitled to a Public Defender in Arizona?

Introduction Whether you’re facing criminal charges or simply educating yourself, it’s important to understand your legal rights as an American citizen and Arizona resident.

Tampering With Evidence Laws and Consequences in Arizona

Introduction Think back to when you were a child cartwheeling around the house, which inevitably led to breaking something important — a vase, picture

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