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If you’re facing drunk driving charges, you shouldn’t face the courts on your own. It’s vital to have an experienced, assertive lawyer on your side who will fight to make sure that your rights are protected and that your outcome is fair. Our DUI case results speak for themselves and our extensive experience sets us apart.

Learn more about DUI in Arizona.


Possession of Marijuana

When selecting an attorney to handle your marijuana charge, it’s important to consider their record of case dismissals. We utilize every legal defense at our disposal to keep clients out of jail and keep their record clean.

Learn more about possession of marijuana in Arizona.


Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

One of the most commonly charged crimes in Arizona is possession of paraphernalia. Learn more about what that means, and what steps to take if you’re facing paraphernalia charges in Arizona.

Learn more about possession of drug paraphernalia in Arizona.


Domestic Violence

In Arizona, domestic violence refers to a number of crimes between family members or household members, and can include assault, battery, threatening or intimidating, and other charges.

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Hit and Run

A hit and run in Arizona is essentially when there is any type of an accident and someone leaves the scene of the accident. In Arizona, you have a legal duty to stop and stay at the scene even if there is a small fender, until the police arrive.

Learn more about hit and run in Arizona.


Minor in Consumption

The legal age to consume alcohol in Arizona is 21, and anyone under the age of 21 found guilty of drinking alcohol can be charged with minor in consumption. The penalties vary for a juvenile offender who is charged with minor in consumption of alcohol, and they depend on the situation in question.

Learn more about minor in consumption in Arizona.


Extreme DUI

An extreme DUI is when a person is driving, or in physical control of a motor vehicle, with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15.

Learn more aboutextreme DUI in Arizona.



Someone commits fraud when they gain something, such as money, goods, or services from an individual, a government entity, or a business by knowingly lying or misrepresenting a fact.

Learn more about fraud in Arizona.


Child Endangerment

Because a child in Arizona is an individual who is under 18, endangerment against a person under the age of 18 would be referred to as child endangerment, though it is not a specific offense.

Learn more about child endangerment in Arizona.


Criminal Speeding

Our clients are shocked when they realize excessive speeding is classified as a misdemeanor charge in Arizona. With penalties of up to 30 days in jail and a criminal record on the line, you need the best attorneys that will work hard to get your charge reduced to a civil speeding violation or even completely dismissed.

Learn more about criminal speeding in Arizona.


Possession of Dangerous Drug

If you’ve been charged with possession or use of dangerous drugs, whether it’s meth or another narcotic, you need an experienced defense attorney to represent your best interests in court. Our success with drug charges has resulted in dismissed cases, reduced charges, and significantly diminished penalties.

Learn more about possession of dangerous drugs in Arizona.


Possession of Narcotic Drugs

A possession of narcotic drugs charge is a frightening situation. With this much on the line, don’t leave your future up to chances. Contact our Arizona criminal defense team today to discuss your options.

Learn more about possession of narcotic drugs in Arizona.


Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a criminally prosecuted offense in Arizona. Animal rights are protected by various state and federal laws. Any person found to be in violation of these laws – exhibiting cruelty to animals physically or psychologically – may be punished as a class 1 misdemeanor or class 6 felony depending on the offense.

Learn more about animal cruelty in Arizona.



In Arizona, there are several different classes of burglary and charges can be cited in the first, second or third degree.

Learn more about burglary in Arizona.


Criminal Littering

ARS 12-1603 states that you can be accused of criminal littering or polluting in the state of Arizona if, without lawful authority you: Throw, place, drop or permit the dropping of, on public property or property belonging to another person, any destructive or injurious material of which you do not immediately remove.

Learn more about criminal littering in Arizona.


Unlawful Discharge

The prosecutor’s office aggressively prosecutes these cases and often charges them as a dangerous offense – thereby making a prison sentence mandatory if you are convicted.

Learn more about unlawful discharge in Arizona. You can also learn more about misconduct involving weapons and ARS 13-3102.


Robbery & Armed Robbery

Robbery is as a serious offense in Arizona, and typically classified as a felony. Someone convicted of this crime can face a minimum one-year prison sentence. Depending on the circumstances, the offense may be charged as robbery, aggravated robbery or armed robbery.

Learn more about robbery in Arizona.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is a financial scheme where an individual gains money from a criminal act. One of the most common criminal acts used for money laundering is tax evasion.

Learn more about money laundering laws in Arizona.

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