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If you’re facing drunk driving charges, you shouldn’t face the courts on your own. It’s vital to have an experienced, assertive lawyer on your side who will fight to make sure that your rights are protected and that your outcome is fair. Our DUI case results speak for themselves and our extensive experience sets us apart.

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Criminal Speeding

Our clients are shocked when they realize excessive speeding is classified as a misdemeanor charge in Arizona. With penalties of up to 30 days in jail and a criminal record on the line, you need the best attorneys that will work hard to get your charge reduced to a civil speeding violation or even completely dismissed.

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Possession of Marijuana

When selecting an attorney to handle your marijuana charge, it’s important to consider their record of case dismissals. We utilize every legal defense at our disposal to keep clients out of jail and keep their record clean.

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Possession of Dangerous Drugs

If you’ve been charged with possession or use of dangerous drugs, whether it’s meth or another narcotic, you need an experienced defense attorney to represent your best interests in court. Our success with drug charges has resulted in dismissed cases, reduced charges, and significantly diminished penalties.

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Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

One of the most commonly charged crimes in Arizona is possession of paraphernalia. Learn more about what that means, and what steps to take if you’re facing paraphernalia charges in Arizona.

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Possession of Narcotic Drugs

A possession of narcotic drugs charge is a frightening situation. With this much on the line, don’t leave your future up to chances. Contact our Arizona criminal defense team today to discuss your options

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Juvenile Crimes

A person under the age of 18 (minor) can face unique proceedings and penalties if suspected of committing crimes. The juvenile justice system is generally geared toward rehabilitation rather than incarceration. Judges decide the outcome of juvenile cases, not juries. Juvenile courts have their own set of rules, procedures, and records of juvenile offenses are typically sealed.

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Criminal Trespass

A criminal trespassing charge is when someone unlawfully enters a residence that belongs to another person. It can also involve entering vacant land or other property marked “no trespassing”. Although it may not sound like a very serious crime, if one enters someone’s residence illegally the charge could be a felony, depending on certain circumstances.

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A shoplifting charge could result in a felony conviction. But, with the right legal team, you can have a better chance of receiving a favorable outcome to your shoplifting charge. Each year, we help clients by pursuing reduced penalties and dismissed charges in shoplifting cases.

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Disorderly Conduct

Because it is so subjective, one of the most common misdemeanor charges is disorderly conduct, also known as “disturbing the peace.” In order for an individual’s conduct to be considered “disorderly,” there must have been intent to disturb the peace, or at the very least, an awareness of the disruption.

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Domestic Violence

With recent efforts to strengthen Arizona’s domestic violence laws, courts have implemented changes, intensified policies, and prosecutors have been increasingly motivated to punish those accused of domestic violence. As a result of these new changes, it is even more critical to seek the guidance of a JacksonWhite criminal defense lawyer.

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Assault is the criminal act of threatening violence or using violence towards another person. Assault is a violent crime that can be physical, verbal, or sexual in nature.

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Sex Crimes

An accusation of a sex crime will immediately alter your life. Whether or not you are exonerated, the stigma these accusations carry are heavy. However, with the right strategy and an experienced defense attorney you may be able to avoid a conviction and clear your name.

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Have you been charged with harassment in the state of Arizona? This is a complex term referring to a number of different crimes, but largely based on the intent to cause harm or distress to another person.

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Threatening or Intimidating

The crime of Threatening or Intimidating is a serious crime in Arizona. The crime can be committed by physical or verbal actions. Unlike many other crimes, this one can be highly subjective and often depends on the perceptions of the victim.

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