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Arizona is home to more than 611,000 small businesses, and small businesses account for over 92 percent of restaurant and storefront experiences in Scottsdale. With small businesses in every direction you turn, it makes sense that legal concerns and disputes will arise from time to time.

Regardless of what type of business you operate or plan to operate, there are many important legal implications to consider. Our team of experienced Scottsdale small business attorneys at JacksonWhite has helped countless startups and established small businesses in Scottsdale with employment, business, real estate, and tax matters.

Starting a Small Business in Scottsdale

Starting a small business can be a lengthy and complex process, especially when you’re navigating the journey on your own. Hiring an experienced Scottsdale small business attorney can help ensure that the process is completed accurately and without delay.

At JacksonWhite, our Scottsdale small business legal services include assistance with:

  • Choosing a suitable business structure
  • Reducing exposure to lawsuits, such as employment-related lawsuits
  • Drafting business contracts, whether for customers, employees, vendors, or other parties
  • Protecting your intellectual property rights, such as logos, inventions, product designs, original works, business services, and trade secrets
  • Assisting with real estate leases and agreements for businesses that own or lease a commercial space

Operating a Small Business in Scottsdale

Operating a small business in Scottsdale comes with both risks and rewards. It is important to have a clear and effective strategy in place on how to run the business safely and without breaking any state or federal laws.

Having a Scottsdale small business attorney on your side can significantly reduce your risk of facing legal obstacles. Some tasks that a legal expert can assist with include:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Choosing a non-copyrighted name for the business
  • Submitting necessary IRS forms
  • Applying for permits and licenses
  • Documenting LLC meetings
  • Creating contracts with employees, vendors, etc.
  • Handling audits initiated by the IRS
  • Drafting buy-sell agreements with partners
  • Interviewing and hiring employees

Business Entity Creation in Scottsdale

In Arizona, there are several types of business structures that businesses should consider when starting a business. These include a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation.

The business entity creation process involves a series of important steps. Your Scottsdale small business attorney will take several factors into consideration when making a recommendation regarding business structure, such as the number of owners in the company, the impact of taxation, and what liability protection is needed.

Once a decision has been made, our team of Scottsdale small business attorneys can provide a range of business planning services to advise you throughout the organization’s life cycle, including ongoing operational and tax requirements.

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