A Reliable Statutory Agent Will Help Your Arizona Small Business

Are you starting an LLC in Arizona? We’ll cover everything you need to know about statutory agents in Arizona, including: What is a statutory

The Difference Between Multi-Member and Single-Member LLCs in Arizona

Whether you choose a multiple-member or single-member LLC, you’ll have to consider more than just the number of people it involves. Due to the

How to Determine the Best Tax Classification for Your Arizona LLC

Every new LLC owner must think about tax classification and has a variety of options. Unlike other similar business forms, LLCs allow members the

Understanding the Benefits of Your Arizona LLC Being Taxed as a S Corp

An LLC (limited liability company) is an entity formed to run a business according to state law. This type of entity comes with some

Creating an Operating Agreement for a LLC in Arizona

A Limited Liability Company operating agreement outlines the member duties and ownership specifications of your LLC. This agreement gives you a chance to define

What’s the Difference Between a Sole Proprietorship and an LLC?

Many new businesses are started without the proper understanding of the possible legal and financial ramifications that may arise from improper designation of their

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