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With families come family troubles, and sometimes, you need a trustworthy attorney to help solve those family disputes. With our office conveniently located in North Scottsdale, JacksonWhite’s Family Law attorneys make it easy for Scottsdale families to get the help and representation they need.

Some people wonder whether or not they need to hire a family law attorney, thinking that expenses will outweigh the benefit, and that things will just “work out.” Family law, however, can be complicated. Our family law attorneys can help Scottsdale families handle a wide variety of cases, including divorce, legal separation, annulment, child custody, child support, adoptions, asset distribution, debt distribution, and many others. We are confident that we can help you understand your rights and responsibilities related to your specific case and circumstances.

If you are even considering hiring an attorney for any reason having to do with family law, contact our Scottsdale, Arizona office at (480) 467-4348 to schedule a consultation with our experienced family law attorney. JacksonWhite has been helping Scottsdale residents like you with family law issues for years. We handle each case with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

Effective Scottsdale Family Lawyers

At JacksonWhite Family Law, we provide collaborative, balanced representation on both divorce and family law issues. Our award-winning attorneys find harmony between aggressive representation and compassion:

  • Balanced representation — Our award-winning attorneys find harmony between aggressive representation and compassion.
  • Compassionate, Effective Legal Help — For more than 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in the East Valley and Phoenix metro area get positive, successful legal outcomes.
  • Ready for a Fresh Start — Our family law team is dedicated to providing our clients with fresh starts, and while your legal issues may be challenging, we’ll do our best to offer a positive experience along the way.

If you have a family law concern and are unsure of your options, we can provide a detailed overview during an initial consultation.

Trustworthy Advocates for all Family Legal Matters in Scottsdale

We offer advice and representation in a wide range of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce — We understand that few things are more emotionally draining or unpleasant than the process of dissolving a marriage; even in the most amicable of separations, you need someone in your corner, committed to defending your interests.
  • Spousal Support — Parties to a divorce need a qualified family law attorney to help them arrive at a fair amount for spousal maintenance.
  • Child Support and CustodyWe know the importance of regular emotional and financial support from both parents in a child’s life and believe that divorce shouldn’t keep any child from a happy, healthy way of life.
  • Prenuptial Agreements Protecting your interests and assets is an important part of getting married and a prenuptial agreement is an ideal way to do just that.
  • Mediation — If you’re interested in a divorce process that’s less stressful and challenging, mediation may be the way to streamline your legal path.

Whatever your specific family law concern, JacksonWhite family law will work with you, to obtain the best potential results for you and your family.

JacksonWhite Family Law Team

Our family law team is dedicated to providing our clients with fresh starts, and while your legal issues may be challenging, we’ll do our best to offer a positive experience along the way.

Together, our attorneys and legal staff have the experience, knowledge and aggressive approach to protecting your family rights when it matters most. Whether you’re facing issues related to divorce, separation, child support or spousal maintenance, the talented team at JacksonWhite can help.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

“I have worked with Timothy Durkin in Family Law matters. He is amazing and helped change the life of my daughter in positive ways. He looks for a way to settle and if he can’t he is a bulldog in the courtroom and a pleasure to watch during cross examination! I highly recommend him.”

Harvey A, AZ

“With all the chips against me. Out of the blue was Tim Durkin attorney at law. If there’s anybody that can help you. It is Tim Durkin. Guaranteed. I believe God works beside Tim throughout it all. Tim had all of the answers and everything fell into place. Everything was fair and he was decent, polite and well-mannered. Very professional in and out of the courtroom. He is impressive and he gets the job done well. Anyone that has the honor to meet him and/or work with him, will always hold him in their heart and wish him the best. Because he’s not just an attorney that defends your rights, but he fights for what is right and fair, he’s a friend that protects you. With his loyal staff, they are the Attorney at Law to represent you in family Court.”

Nancy Leon, AZ

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If you have a family law matter being handled in Scottsdale Court, it’s important to speak with a Family Law Attorney that is close and can handle cases in Scottsdale. Our Family Law team can help to explain all of your rights and options, and help you navigate through the confusing family law process. Having a dedicated and experienced family law attorney can help maximize your opportunities for a successful outcome today.

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