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Domestic Violence and Divorce in Arizona

Going through a divorce after you’ve been in an abusive relationship isn’t easy. You may be scared of how your spouse will react to

Domestic Violence and Child Custody in Arizona

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can directly impact child custody arrangements. Arizona law requires courts to determine custody based on what is

What to Do if Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets In a Divorce in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, marriage is legally considered a community where both spouses share equal rights and responsibilities. Due to this critical legal distinction, the

Divorcing a Narcissist in Arizona: What You Need To Know

Introduction The term “narcissist” is used a lot in casual conversation, mostly when referring to a difficult boss or an ex who made their

What Rights Does a Father Have in Arizona When He Is Listed on the Birth Certificate?

Divorcing as a couple with children is challenging. However, the situation can be even more fraught when unmarried individuals share a child. As a

Can a Mother Lose Custody in Arizona for Not Having a Job?

Introduction Raising a child comes with many responsibilities, including the ability to provide financially. Without a job to pay for expenses like rent, utilities,

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