About Our Family Law Team

Our dedicated Arizona family law team works hard to provide its clients with exceptional customer service.

Arizona family law attorneys Timothy Durkin and Jon McAvoy as well as our team of family law paralegals, have over 40 years experience with a variety of family issues. No matter what the situation, the family law department at JacksonWhite can help you through the process with complete confidentiality and sensitivity. We care about our clients.


Tim Durkin

Timothy is a skilled family law attorney, experienced in handling cases involving divorces, paternity actions, child custody, child support, relocation and jurisdiction issues, adoptions, termination of parental rights and parental severance actions, title 8 guardianships, spousal maintenance cases, division of marital property and debts, pre-nuptial agreements, post decree modifications and enforcement of custody and divorce orders, mediation services, grandparent visitation cases, domestic violence issues, and more. Tim has also been appointed as Judge Pro Tempore for ADR Family Settlement Conferences.


Jon McAvoy

Jon focuses his practice on legal separation, divorce, paternity issues, child custody and much more. Jon is a member of the Arizona State Bar, Family Law section. Although family law disputes will never be easy, Jon has the opportunity to help make the dispute easier. This starts with getting to know each of his clients, listening to their stories and concerns, helping them understand their rights, and helping them develop a plan to manage the dispute. This has helped him build a reputation for aggressive representation and compassionate care of his clients.

Family Law Paralegal

Barbara Patterson

Barbara has been a family law paralegal for more than 20 years. The majority of her time is spent preparing petitions, compiling witnesses, and legal research. Barbara earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix and Paralegal Certificate from Phoenix.

Family Law Paralegal

Danielle Lopez

Danielle has more than 9 years of family law experience. As a paralegal, she loves interacting with clients and has extensive experience dealing with divorce, custody issues, paternity, adoptions, and prenuptial/postnuptial agreements. She began her career in the legal field as a family law receptionist and was later promoted to legal assistant.

Family Law Legal Staff

Donna Pocano

Donna Pocano has been an administrative professional for over 10 years and joined the JacksonWhite family law team in 2018. Donna focuses her time on case management organization, client services, and administrative duties. As an Ohio native, with experience in accounting, customer service, and health care, her previous experiences allow her a deeper understanding of the unique needs of family law.


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