Common Law Marriage in Arizona


Under Arizona state law, common law marriages contracted in the state are not recognized. However, Arizona does acknowledge opposite-sex marriages that were created in other states that do recognize common law marriages. If a couple is entered into a common law marriage in a state that recognizes such marriages, then relocates to Arizona, the couple is still considered legally married in Arizona, even though common law marriages aren’t recognized under state law.

Which States Allow Common Law Marriages to be Contracted?

Couples in a common law marriage who move to Arizona from the following states will have their marriage recognized by the state of Arizona:




Rhode Island

South Carolina





District of Columbia


Other states, like Utah, recognize common law marriages if they’ve been court approved. All states, including Arizona, recognize common law marriages that were first created in these states that allow the marriage arrangement. The definitions and requirements for common law marriages in these states are varied, and couples in these states looking to learn more about common law marriage can research their state’s marriage laws.

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