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Resolving family disputes is rarely easy, especially when there are children involved. It’s one thing to divide assets and debts in a divorce or separation, and it’s entirely another to divide a child’s time with their parents.

In a perfect world, children with divorced or separated parents would spend equal time with their parents. Unfortunately, that’s only possible when the parents live close enough to accommodate the child’s schooling and extra-curricular activities, and even then it’s a challenge to set a schedule that leads to a balanced lifestyle.

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More often than not, the ideal solution means that one parent takes on the role of custodial parent to provide consistency, while the non-custodial parent enjoys visitation on weekends, school breaks, and holidays. 

Either way, whether you’re able to strike gold with a perfectly balanced schedule or revert to a custodial and non-custodial parent arrangement, you’ll need a custody agreement to lay out the details. Furthermore, you’ll need the agreement to be officialized as a court order for it to be enforceable, which is critical if one or both parents fail to live up to the agreement.

Whether you’re considering your options before an imminent separation or already in the middle of a divorce, the child custody attorneys at JacksonWhite Law are here to help. Our family law team has over 40 years of combined experience in family law, and we pride ourselves in delivering compassionate client service with aggressive representation.

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What to Expect During a Child Custody Case in Scottsdale

There are a variety of factors involved in a child custody case, all of which deserve careful consideration and planning. Of those, there are three aspects that tend to be the most important, and often require the most negotiation between parents: 

  • Parenting time
  • Legal decision-making
  • Child support

Parenting Time

Parenting time is the legal term for physical custody in Arizona. Part of the custody agreement will involve creating a parenting plan that clearly outlines each parent’s opportunity to spend time with the child. The goal is to strike a balance between creating a schedule that maximizes time with both parents while preserving important routines like attending school and engaging in extracurricular activities.

The state of Arizona provides guidelines and suggestions for parenting plans, but the final plan is ultimately up to the parents. Each parenting plan should be tailored to your unique situation, as no two cases are the same.

Legal Decision-making

Where parenting time refers to physical custody, legal decision-making refers to legal custody in Arizona. And unlike the former that’s nearly impossible to split evenly, legal decision-making is almost always equal due to the state’s emphasis on preserving parental rights.

So, what does legal decision-making entail? It means that the parent has the right to participate in important life decisions for the child, including schooling, religious upbringing, participation in sports and extracurricular activities, and healthcare. 

In practice, that means that parents with joint custody must both be a part of decisions like which school the child should attend, if/where they go to church, which sports they do (or do not) participate in, and which treatment options to pursue in healthcare matters.

While courts may restrict parenting time when one parent is deemed to be a poor influence due to criminal convictions, they will rarely take away the fundamental parental right to play a role in legal decision-making for the child.

Child Support

Arizona law clearly states that parents have an obligation to financially provide for their children, which means that child support will always play a role in custody cases. The goal is to strike a balance between providing optimal financial support for the child and avoiding undue financial burden for the non-custodial parent. 

While negotiating child support takes place at the same as parenting time and legal decision-making, it’s important to remember that child support and custody are completely separate matters. In other words, a parent who falls behind on child support cannot be denied parenting time or legal decision-making authority.

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