Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a crime of any kind, such as drug crimes involving marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamines, or violent crimes involving sex-related acts like child pornography, rape or sex with a minor, then you will need an experienced, knowledgeable, competent attorney to represent you during this stressful time. Jeremy Geigle heads the criminal defense team at Jackson White Law and will defend you to the fullest extent of his ability, no matter the complexity of the charges and the case against you. Facing criminal charges can be one of the most stressful and frightening experiences of someone’s life. Therefore, taking on the criminal justice system with the right counsel will be one of the smartest decisions you ever make. It is essential that you are represented by a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ who has a track record of clients facing similar charges.

When to Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney and When to Utilize a Public Defender

Hiring a private criminal defense lawyer will give you the best possible chance at a positive outcome if you’re facing serious charges. On the other hand, just using the public defender assigned to your case could leave you quite vulnerable. When should you hire a private criminal defense attorney, rather than utilizing a public defender? Depending on your particular criminal charges, especially if they are of a very serious nature, a private criminal defense attorney will simply have more time to commit to you and your case, whereas public defenders tend to be overloaded with cases and spread quite thin with their available time. Due to no terrible intent on their part, public defenders simply have a better chance of missing a key piece of evidence or making a mistake that could significantly negatively impact your whole case. When we’re talking about serious criminal charges and possible jail or prison time, putting yourself in the situation that may incur careless errors on paper or in judgment, due to an overworked state, is ill advised. Ultimately, choosing a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney means being protected by a lawyer who understand the law and knows where you stand with your type of case, giving you the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Types of Criminal Charges we Defend

There are countless charges that can be filed against people every day, depending on the circumstances. Therefore, finding a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending the particular charge that you’re facing is critical. Jackson White Law’s criminal defense division, led by the experienced Jeremy Geigle, has the capacity to defend the charged people of Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas against many different types of criminal charges. These can include, but are not limited to, drug charges, such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines, and violent crime charges, including various sex crimes.

Phoenix Drug Crime Attorneys

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime of any kind, whether it be a marijuana charge, a cocaine charge or a methamphetamines charge, you will need an experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and intelligent attorney to represent you during this frightening time. Jeremy Geigle leads the criminal defense team at Jackson White Law and will defend you to the fullest extent of his ability and as far as the law will allow, no matter the complexity of the charges and the case against you in Phoenix, AZ. Facing criminal charges can be one of the most stressful and scary experiences of your life. Taking on the criminal justice system with the right drug crime lawyer could be a key decision in determining your future freedom. It is essential that you are represented by a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ, who has a history of cases with similar charges that have netted positive results.

Marijuana Defense

Marijuana crimes can include different degrees of punishment and penalties. The laws in Arizona regarding marijuana are convoluted and can be confusing to the someone facing charges for the first time. Some penalties are light, while others can be extremely scary, including extensive prison time. The more serious the marijuana charge, the more urgent it is to retain competent legal counsel for your defense. The last thing you want is for the prosecutor to dictate your fate, rather than a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney whose focus is to help you avoid major penalties for your marijuana charges.


It’s one thing to be charged with a minor possession of drugs, which can be scary in itself, depending on how much and what specific drug was found on you. However, being charged with manufacturing and cultivating drugs is a whole, new ball game as it pertains to penalties and punishments. If you’re facing serious charges of cultivating drugs in Phoenix, AZ, then hiring an experienced attorney who knows how to maneuver within the courts system and deal with prosecutors could be integral to the outcome of your case.


If you thought being charged with cultivating or manufacturing drugs was taken seriously in Phoenix, AZ, then the drug distribution laws in Arizona will give you a serious pit in your stomach. Major penalties and major jail or prison time are all in play as far as the prosecutor’s goals for you, so hiring a relentless drug crime attorney in Phoenix, AZ could be the difference between probation or years in prison.

Cocaine Defense

The cocaine laws in Arizona carry major punishments and penalties, depending on the particular charge. For instance, Arizona cocaine laws can be serious when it comes to a charge of possession, especially if the amount hits the legal threshold of a distribution charge. Your first priority should be to hire an experienced drug crime attorney in Phoenix, AZ. The possession of cocaine, the distribution, or even the intent to distribute cocaine, as well as the trafficking of cocaine, are all taken very seriously by the state of Arizona, and the laws can be tough to navigate, unless you have the right attorney helping you.

Meth Charges in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona bringing charges for the use of methamphetamines, the manufacturing of methamphetamines and the distribution of methamphetamines has continued to increase, as have the legal punishments and penalties. Possession of methamphetamine is no legal picnic, as the penalties can be scary, then manufacturing carries even more severe punishments, then distributing methamphetamines takes you to a very frightening level of penalties, all of which, have the legal potential to land you in jail or prison. This often times depends highly on how skilled and experienced your crime attorney in Phoenix, AZ, is at negotiating plea bargains.

Manufacturing of Methamphetamine

As referenced above, the charges for manufacturing methamphetamine can be severe. Due to its dangerous nature, addictive capacity and how methamphetamine is manufactured, the laws are strict, to say the least. If you’re facing charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, then your need for a competent crime attorney in Phoenix, AZ, is urgent, as their ability and experience with getting charges reduced can be the difference between you going to prison for many years or many months or not at all, depending, of course, on the specifics of your case.

Violent Crime Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

Although the need for a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ, can occur due to many different types of charges against you by the prosecutor’s office, violent crimes tend to stand alone. Crimes that are intended to physically harm another person are generally going to be given more serious punishments and penalties for the purposes of preventing violent crime in the future by potential criminals. If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, including sex crimes like possession of child pornography, rape or sex with a minor, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney with years of case history representing clients facing serious violent crime charges. Jackson White Law’s criminal defense department, led by Jeremy Geigle, will give you the competent representation and ensure that your rights are protected and that your case has the best chance of a positive result.

Sex Crime Attorneys and Defending Your Reputation

Being charged with a sex crime is a frightening position to face, whether it be a federal sex crime, a crime relating to child pornography, rape or even the crime of sex with a minor. Just being charged with a sex crime can seriously damage  your reputation in an almost immediate time frame. Just in case you might be guilty, the prosecutor, the judge and possibly even a jury, will want you to receive the maximum penalty that the law will allow. It is essential that you secure skilled and experienced legal protection by a sex crime lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, as soon as possible. Defending your reputation, not to mention keeping you out of prison, will be tasks that you simply are not equipped to handle.   

Federal Sex Crime Lawyers

Depending on the aggravated level of the sex crime charge, you may find yourself facing federal sex crime charges, which can carry minimum sentences that a state charge doesn’t. Now the question becomes what qualifies as a federal sex crime. Most sex crimes that involve kids, including sexual assault, rape of a child and having or distributing child pornography are legally deemed federal crimes. Therefore, you will need a seriously experienced federal sex crimes attorney to defend you against the big boys of the federal prosecutor’s office. Jeremy Geigle is the experienced sex crimes attorney in Phoenix, AZ, that your seeking.

Possession of Child Pornography Charges

Even though are initial response to hearing of a case involving the possession of child pornography is disgust, it doesn’t change fact that everyone charged with the crime of possessing child porn deserves and has the clear right to a defense and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. If you have been charged with the possession of child pornography, then an experienced sex crime attorney, who will also defend your reputation as it gets ripped to shreds, is your best first move.


We all have an adverse reaction to learning of someone being raped or someone accusing someone of raping them. However, a rape charge can come with all sorts of twists and turns within the same case, such as determining what kind of rape allegedly occurred and is it a he-said-she-said type of claim. The point is that if you have been charged with rape, then you’re facing jail and even prison time potentially, so hiring a skilled and seasoned sex crime attorney could very well be the difference maker for your future and your reputation, which will need to be defended.

Sex with a Minor

Sex with a minor, is a highly disturbing crime. The laws are very serious when it comes to believing that a minor doesn’t have the mental capacity to give consent. Regardless, if you’ve been charged with having sex with a minor or statutory rape, then you need legal representation in a major way, as the penalties can be harsh. Secure a skilled sex crime attorney now to ensure that you and your reputation will be defended to the fullest extent of the law.

Top-Rated Criminal Defense Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI crime, a drug crime, a sex crime or even a violent crime, you will want a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ. Jeremy Geigle, the leader of the criminal defense division at Jackson White Law, will zealously and relentlessly and thoroughly defend your rights, defend your reputation and facilitate the best possible outcome for your particular charges, making every attempt within the law to keep you out of jail or prison, as well as minimizing to the best of his ability your financial penalties.

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