What Happens During Pre-File Investigation in Arizona?


When investigating a reported crime, police begin an investigation to understand who perpetrated a crime and what transpired. Witnesses point to others as suspects. Although police do not file charges right away after an arrest or talking to a person of interest, this events more often than not lead to criminal charges being filed.

Before official filing, however, attorneys can make a difference in a case. They can find inconsistencies and point out relevant information in the cases to discuss with the prosecutors. This can result in reducing or eliminating charges before they are even filed.

Even If there is not a solid case, police will sometimes still file charges against the person. It is important to have someone that knows the difference and how to halt weak charges from affecting a person’s future.

When a case is “scratched”, from a court’s schedule, this does not necessarily mean that the case is closed and that charges cannot be filed in the future. An arrest without charges can be an uncertain situation to be in without the advice of a skilled Arizona attorney. The small window after an arrest and before charges is very important for you to find legal assistance.

Importance of Attorney Consultation

An attorney can communicate with authorities about their investigation. They understand how to do this without incriminating you and gathering important information for you and any possible charges. Call JacksonWhite Attorneys to review your arrest and possible charges for free by calling (480) 467-4370.

Police Suspect Me or Left a Card at My Door

If you have been questioned by police informally, in an interview, or they have tried to come in contact with you, there is a chance that they are investigating a possible crime and that they believe that you are involved in some way. It is important that immediately after you know that the police want to speak to you that you

Juvenile Pre-File Cases

It is especially important that juvenile pre-charge cases are reviewed if you believe that your child could have charges files against them. If an open case is left alone, charges could be filed after the minor turns 18 and then be tried as an adult even though the crime was committed prior to adulthood.

This can leave your child with a permanent criminal record right at the beginning of their adult life. Pressing potential charges to be resolved before the minor comes of age leaves your child with the best opportunity of a desirable outcome.

Pre-File Agreements for Narcotics Sales

If police suspect that you have been involved in the sales of narcotics, these can bring on some serious charges. These charges are more serious than an average possession of narcotics because of the possible intent to sell. The penalty can shoot up from a Class One Misdemeanor all the way to a Class Two Felony.

This leaves little room for mistakes when interacting with authorities. Call a criminal defense attorney experienced in dealing with narcotic drug charge negotiations and get the help you need.

Accusation of Sexual Offense

Once charged with a sexual crime, life can change drastically. Even if charges and a trial do not lead to a conviction, a simple accusation can be damage enough to a person’s reputation for the rest of their life. If there is reason to believe that someone would make these accusations, it is important to contact an attorney to review your situation and understand how to move forward with the authorities.

White Collar Crimes

Police oftentimes make their investigation known if they are suspicious of white collar crimes such as money laundering, conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, etc. Something that may be surprising is that innocent co-owners or business partners can be charged with crimes that were committed by another person in the business. This is a very vulnerable position to be in, and you shouldn’t go through this process without the guidance of an attorney that is knowledgeable in White Collar Pre-File Investigations.

Hit and Run Pre-File Investigations

Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts’ latest statistics reports that there were 13,018 Hit and Run crashes, 2,530 of which caused injury and of those, 56 were fatal. Hit and Run cases such as these can range from a Class 3 Misdemeanor up to a Class 2 Felony.

Decreasing charges is the main priority when facing possible Hit and Run charges. An ideal time to negotiate this is prior to any formal charges being filed. Attorneys can represent you before police and prosecutors without having to present the information yourself. A tactical approach with a proper lawyer in Arizona can bring you the most optimal results.

Pre-file Charge Agreements

Sometimes it is the case that police warn you of upcoming charges or ask something of a suspect as a sign of cooperation. This can be an excellent opportunity contact an attorney that has the ability to represent your Pre-File agreements and that can limit any charges or your involvement in the case.

If you suspect that you are being investigated for a crime, acting on that feeling can be a proactive step for your future. Don’t let Pre-File charges go farther than they already have and call a criminal defense attorney that can help you mitigate the case’s outcome.

Charges after Pre-File Investigation

If charges are ultimately filed, it can be beneficial to have an attorney that already knows your history in the case to go to trial with you. JacksonWhite can continue to represent you in court and fight for your rights.

Former Arizona prosecutor John Dosdall has worked at JacksonWhite since 2014 and has contributed valuable knowledge and insight into how the Arizona Court system works. If you believe that you are being investigated and there is a possibility being charged of a crime, or if the police has questioned you, contacting JacksonWhite attorney gives you experience from both sides of the courtroom.

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