Arizona’s Peeping Tom Laws (Surreptitious Recording)


The term “Peeping Tom” refers to voyeurism, or viewing another person without their consent, for sexual gratification. Specifically, A.R.S. 13-1424 (abbreviated in parts for brevity):

  1. It is unlawful to knowingly invade the privacy of another person without the knowledge of the other person for the purpose of sexual stimulation.
  2. It is unlawful for a person to disclose, display, distribute or publish a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording that is made in violation of subsection A of this section without the consent or knowledge of the person depicted.
  3. A person’s privacy is invaded if both of the following apply:
    1. The person has a reasonable expectation that the person will not be photographed, recorded, etc.
    2. The person is photographed, videotaped, etc, with or without a device:
      1. While the person is in a state of undress or partial dress
      2. While the person is engaged in sexual intercourse, etc.
      3. While the person is urinating or defecating
      4. In a manner that captures the person’s genitalia, buttock, female breast … not otherwise publicly visible

Voyeurism Exclusions Include:

  1. Security purposes
  2. Correctional facilities
  3. Law enforcement pursuant to a lawful investigation
  4. Child monitoring devices

What This Means

Basically, it is a crime to intrude into the lives of others and record their sexual and personal activities. Individuals have a right to privacy and it is illegal to intentionally invade it for unlawful purposes, including voyeuristic behaviors and surreptitiously recording others actions for sexual gratification.

Penalties for Voyeurism May Include:

  • Class 5 felony: subsection A or B
  • Class 4 felony if subsection b the person is recognizable
  • Prison sentences vary; may range from under 2 ½ years to 8 years or more
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Sex offender registration for life

Defending Against Voyeurism in Arizona

  • Illegally obtained evidence
  • Intent must be proved
  • Police procedure violations
  • If Miranda rights are not read, admission of guilt may be suppressed or excluded

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