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Marijuana crimes can result in varying degrees of punishments and penalties. The laws in Arizona regarding marijuana are complex and can be confusing. It depends on the type of marijuana crime you’re being charged with. Some penalties are light, while others can be severe and even include jail and prison time. The more serious the marijuana charge, the more urgent it is to hire the best possible marijuana defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ. Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law is that attorney, and he will defend you with the sole purpose of keeping you out of jail or prison and to minimize any correlating penalties that may apply. Don’t leave the outcome of your case to chance or to an overworked and overloaded public defender.  


Recreational Marijuana is Legal in Arizona 

Proposition 207 allows adults aged 21 and older to possess, cultivate and consume marijuana for personal use in Arizona. While this marks an exciting development in its legal landscape, it is imperative to fully comprehend all regulations and restrictions surrounding recreational marijuana to ensure compliance with Arizona law.


Defending Your Rights and Freedom After a Marijuana Charge

If you’ve been charged with possessing large quantities, manufacturing or disturbing marijuana in Phoenix, AZ, the charges and penalties can be such that your freedom is at risk. Even just possessing marijuana for recreational use in Arizona is a felony, not to mention the far more severe penalties that can be added to your charges if you have enough marijuana in your possession. The bottom line is that securing the right legal counsel to defend your rights and protect your freedom by trying to keep you out of jail or prison may be the best decision you ever make.


Common Questions About Marijuana Charges in Arizona

The different charges and penalties surrounding the use, manufacturing and distribution of marijuana in Arizona induce many questions, so understanding Arizona marijuana laws is important for you and your case potentially. Common questions usually refer to how long someone will go to jail for marijuana or how will someone’s professional license be affected if they’re charged or convicted of some sort of marijuana offense. Regardless of your specific questions, you will want to choose a marijuana defense attorney who has the experience that your type of charge requires.


How Long Will I go to Jail for Marijuana?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and for good reason. While recreational marijuana has been legalized in Arizona, you may still find yourself facing jail time if you have an illegal amount in your possession.  Beyond that, you’re looking at more severe penalties and jail time if the charges against you venture into the manufacturing or distribution areas of the laws.  Either way, hiring a skilled marijuana defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ, could be key to your jail time outcome.


Professional License Defense for Marijuana Charges in Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve been charged with marijuana possession, manufacturing or distribution in the state of Arizona, your professional license may be in jeopardy. The laws are a bit tricky and convoluted when it comes to professional license suspension and revocation, as it pertains to a marijuana charge or conviction, so it is critical to obtain legal representation to defend your rights and ensure that you have an experienced marijuana defense attorney available in Phoenix, AZ.



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