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Learn how to reduce a lifetime probation sentence.


All juveniles, adults and juveniles charged as adults who are placed on lifetime probation can petition the court to have their lifetime probation terminated. There are numerous registered sex offenders in Maricopa County who have committed a single offense and have been stamped with the mark of sex offender even though by all known measures are a low risk to ever re-offend. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these people do not realize that not only can their lifetime probation be terminated; the court may also delete their requirement to register, delete community notification, and even expunge their records! Lifetime probation can weigh heavily on a person, especially when they are working hard to better themselves and improve their way of life.


Probation officers, counselors, the prosecutor, and judge will look at several factors when deciding whether or not to support removing lifetime probation including:

  • whether or not the probationer is a risk to re-offend
  • the probationer’s performance on probation
  • the therapists recommendations as to progress
  • whether the probationer has qualified for maintenance caseload
  • the victim’s views
  • whether the probationer has been truthful in recent polygraphs
  • whether psycho-sexual evaluations have demonstrated normal sexual interests

As stated in A.R.S. 13-604.01, those convicted of any criminal act against a minor under the age of 12 are not eligible for a reduction of any part of their sentence.

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Many have successfully been removed from lifetime probation and permitted to move on with their lives. Again, lifetime probation doesn’t have to be for life.

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