Charges for Being an Accomplice to a Crime in Arizona


We all understand that those who commit the crimes are charged for that offense.  But, what about the accomplices that assist others in committing crimes?

Accomplice Definition

According to A.R.S. 13-301, an accomplice in Arizona is defined as a person who intends to promote or facilitate an offense.  In other words, an accomplice is anyone that assists another individual in a crime.

This individual can either command another person to commit a crime, aid another individual in planning to commit a crime, and/or provide opportunity for that individual to commit a crime.

Punishment for an Accomplice in Arizona

The punishment of an individual depends on the crime committed and in what form the accomplice has helped.

For example, if an individual drives a burglar of a bank away from the scene of the crime, that driver will be charged with burglary and is an accomplice to that crime (which is punishable with a prison sentence between three and 12 years).  Though that person did not physically do the act of stealing money from the bank, the accomplice was still present at the scene and assisted with the crime.

What About The Death Penalty?

However, it was decided by the United States Supreme Court in Enmund v. Florida in 1982 that an accomplice cannot be convicted of the death penalty if that individual did not take, attempt to take, or intend to take a life even if he or she is present at the murder.

I Was Charged as an Accomplice in Arizona, Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Accomplices can be deemed just as guilty by a jury as the head individual of a crime. Thus, it is equally important to have a criminal defense attorney for anyone accused of being an accomplice.  The criminal defense team at JacksonWhite can assist you in defending various crimes.


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