Assault involves a violent act against another person, including verbal, physical, or sexual assault, whether threatened or attempted.

While assault does not technically include the physical beating or striking of another, most juvenile assault charges are accompanied by charges of battery. Battery is the actual striking of someone against their will.

How Juvenile Courts Handle Assault Charges in Arizona

If your child is charged with an assault offense, the consequences can be extremely serious. First the court will make a decision on whether or not your child is a delinquent, meaning that he or she would be charged with the crime if older than 18.

The court will then consider a list of factors such as past offenses to decide what the appropriate punishment will be. Your child might be subject to custodial or non-custodial dispositions.

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If the juvenile is a first time offender, the punishments are typically much less severe. These might include:

  • Minimal probation
  • Community service
  • Parental supervision
  • Juvenile detention

When juveniles are repeat offenders, the sentencing becomes harsher. Higher degrees of assault such as “aggravated assault” may also result in worse sentences and lengthier terms of incarceration.

Most dispositions imposed on juvenile assault offenders are geared toward rehabilitation, though if danger to the community and/or property is foreseen by the court, the juvenile could face harsher sentences and longer detentions.

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There are far too many factors that can affect the outcome of your case – improper evidence gathering by authorities, insufficient investigative time spent on the scene, poor interviews with witnesses and more.

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