Employment Contracts


Employment contracts generally include conditions and terms of the employment relationship, such as pay, duration, and job responsibilities. A contract may contain agreements for a fixed term employment, minimum severance pay, good or just cause for termination, or notice of termination.

Hiring an Employment Attorney to Evaluate Your Contract

The difference that a qualified labor and employment attorney can have on your contractual situation is going to be substantial. An attorney has the legal knowledge necessary for appropriately negotiating and drafting the terms and language of an employment contract. In addition, a member of our team can evaluate your contract to assure that it accurately and clearly defines the essential terms of your agreement with an employer or employee.

Whether or not employment agreements are legally enforceable depends on specific circumstances, and you may need the assistance of a legal professional to fully understand your employment contract. If your employer breaches the terms in a legally enforceable employment agreement, you may have evidence to pursue a lawsuit against them.


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