Sexual Assault Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Sex offenses are specifically defined by statute in Arizona; they are complicated and extensive. Of course, for specific information pertaining to your case, it is essential to contact a Phoenix sex offense attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White defends clients who are charged with sexual crimes.

“Rape” is not a legal term in Arizona. Instead, the terms “sexual abuse” or “sexual assault” may be used.

Definition of Sexual Assault in Arizona:

According to Revised Arizona Statutes 13-1406, a person commits sexual assault by:

  • Intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with any person without consent of the person.


  • If the sexual assault was deadly and intentionally inflicted serious physical injury, a life sentence may be imposed, with a minimum sentence of 25 years.
  • If the defendant was at least 18 and the victim was 12 or younger, a minimum sentence of 35 years may be imposed.
  • “Date rape” is nonconsensual sexual intercourse that occurs during a date. In some cases alcohol or drugs may be used to sedate or tranquilize the victim.
  • “Statutory rape” applies to sexual conduct with a minor 18 years or younger. If the victim is under 15, the offense is a class 2 felony; if the victim is at least 15, the offense is a class 5 felony.

At Jackson White Criminal Defense, Attorney Jeremy Geigle defends juvenile and adult clients throughout Phoenix and Mesa. If you were arrested for a sex offense or if you believe that charges are going to be filed against you, obtain legal counsel at the earliest possible time.

Consequences of Sexual Assault in Arizona:

Sexual assault is a class 2 felony in Arizona. Maricopa County Attorneys vigorously prosecute sexual assault defendants. Prison terms vary according to the specific circumstances of the case:

First offense:

  • Minimum: 5.25 years
  • Presumptive: 7 years
  • Maximum 14 years

Prior felony conviction:

  • Minimum: 7 years
  • Presumptive: 10.5 years
  • Maximum: 21 years

Two or more prior felony convictions:

  • Minimum: 14 years
  • Presumptive: 15.75 years
  • Maximum: 28 years

Other consequences include, but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory Arizona sex offender registration
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Living and working specifications intended to keep offender away from areas where children frequent
  • Supervised release

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