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Arizona is typically more lenient with juveniles than with adults when it comes to punishing them for crimes.

In the event that a minor is convicted of a crime, the state usually chooses to focus on rehabilitating the minor, as opposed to punishing him or her with time in jail.

The theory is that when a minor is rehabilitated or counseled, there is a better chance that he or she will not commit a crime again.

Punishments for Juvenile Crimes

This means that a minor may be required to attend counseling and/or perform community service.

However, minors with multiple criminal offenses on their record, or minors who are convicted of serious felony crimes, such as rape, murder, assault with a weapon, etc., can be charged as adults, sentenced to much heavier penalties, such as time in jail, a juvenile detention facility, fines, and more.

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Juvenile Case Proceedings in Arizona

When a juvenile is accused of a crime, the criminal process is very different. The juvenile crime is called an act of “delinquency” and requires juvenile court intervention to correct the delinquency. Juvenile courts have their own special rules, procedures, and terminology.

The following list of commonly used terms in juvenile court shows the correlation to the terminology in the adult system:

Juvenile System
Adult System
Delinquent Act Crime
Pre-Adjudication Hearing Pretrial Conference
Adjudication Hearing Trial
Found Delinquent Convicted/Found Guilty
Disposition Sentencing
Detention Incarceration

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