Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?

Understand your rights before lighting up.


In Arizona, marijuana is illegal, except when it is lawfully prescribed for medical conditions. In 2010, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was passed, making it legal for patients who met specific requirements to possess marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Arizona Non-Medical Marijuana Laws

In all non-medicinal cases, possession, use and distribution of marijuana is illegal. Possession of the drug can be a class 6 felony up to a class 2 felony depending on the circumstances and the amount of marijuana possessed.

Possession of up to two pounds for personal use – that is, there’s no intent to distribute – can be a class 6 felony. On the other end of the spectrum, having more than two pounds and transporting it into or within the state of Arizona can be a class 2 felony, which can carry significant penalties.

Defending Against Marijuana Charges

In many cases, a marijuana possession charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor crime, making it easier for you to recover, both personally and professionally, from having the conviction on your record.

In Arizona, first-time drug offenders are prohibited from going to prison, though you may face fines and surcharges, drug treatment classes, and probation. If any of your requirements aren’t met, you could face additional penalties.

Arizona’s Superior Drug Case Attorneys

At JacksonWhite Law, we work to explore all aspects of your case, putting together a defense that not only offers you support, but provides you with the best opportunity for success in court. In many instances, we may be able to reduce your charges and penalties to minimize their impact.

When it comes to ensuring you can qualify for future jobs, leases and the like, this is extremely important. Having a defense team that understands your priorities, as well as the laws and processes involved with marijuana charges, can help you quickly recover from your legal case.

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